Tri Shutter

This is one of my all time favorite cards to make and one I do a lot.  I haven’t taken pictures of all of them.  The fairy in this image is also colored using water-color pencils then a tiny wet paint brush.  The space behind the watermark in the first image is where I wrote a note for the recipient.

Tri Shutter Thank You Card

Given for Mother’s Day

This was the first one I made…it was for my Dad to thank him for all the wonderful things he is and all the wonderful things he does for my children and I.  Yeah, I’m TOTALLY a Daddy’s girl!

There are many tutorials out there for how to make these cards.  I prefer the full-front trifold shutter cards shown here.  The tutorial for it is located at Tri Shutter Card Sample and Tutorial by Craftiblog.  I’ve also included the basic tri shutter card if anyone wants to try their hand at it.


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