Captain Caaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyve Man

As a little girl one of my favorite cartoons was Captain Caveman.  I guess this makes me an expert on the “Early Man Village” because Sass Master just got an A on her project.  She had to take a 12 x 12 base (good thing Mom’s a crafter/album maker huh?) cover it in a natural product and build an early man dwelling.  She could only use natural materials (well except for the glue gun of course) and it had to have a visible door.  For added measure, she added a fire pit too.  What you can’t see very well in this image are the rock walls underneath the leaves.  The project was worth 25 points, she got all 25.  Never thought I would be as crafty with rocks, leaves, twigs and glue as I am with my Cricut Expression, paper, and adhesive but…well you judge for yourself.

I think I prefer my apartment thanks.


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