My favorite way to re-sticky my Cricut mats.

I recently commented on one of my Facebook Friends’ photographs about using a Zig pen to re-stick her Cricut Mat.  While this method works well, it can be expensive for avid crafters like me and I have found a method I like better.  Please enjoy this video from Laurie at Hiding In My Craft Room.

I prefer this method because it’s cost effective, I can control the sticky (by the glue to water mixture), it’s super fast to re-stick/cover my mat, it dries fast too, the glue doesn’t require being cleaned off before you re-stick it again, the mat glue doesn’t transfer to the paper sometimes (like my Zig can do on occasion), oh yeah and I did say it’s CHEAP right?!?!  I have only found  the glue at Michael’s and it’s about $5 of $6 dollars a bottle.  I always use a 40% off coupon to save money though.  With one bottle of Tack-It Over & Over, you can literally refurbish your mats hundreds and hundreds of time.  Plus, if you want to be even thriftier, you can use it to make your own glue dots also.  Check out Pink Cricut or YouTube for some great videos on how to do that.  This is what it looks like:

Make sure you get this EXACT stuff.  Regular tacky glue won’t work.  It only takes a couple of tablespoons to make a substantial amount of glue too.  The image below is of the last glue batch I made.  When I originally watched the video, I was distracted and skipped right over the part about keeping the glue for other uses.  I poured just enough glue into the jar to cover the bottom and added an approximate equal amount of water.  I have used my glue on 6 different mats a couple of times and it’s still sitting pretty much where it was when I made it.

I have it covered with stick wrap stuff just to protect against spills...I have kids remember. It's like what about a quarter of the jar? Anyway...I give it a good shake before I open it up to re-stick my mats. I'm not sure this is necessary, but it's how I do it.


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