Mystery meal turned candy

Sunday nights we usually have a mystery meal.  Basically it’s the designated night I choose to introduce my children to a new recipe.  Some flop, some not.  Tonight though, we did a fend for yourself so I turned what would be a mystery meal into mystery blog candy.

Here’s my dilemma…I get a lot of feedback on Facebook about thoughts and feelings on my blog, but I really want to see that feedback here!  When I had my blog at Blogger, I had 70 followers or so and then life just kinda happened and my blogs got neglected so I couldn’t ever get past 70 followers.  When I decided to start blogging again, I set up a new spot here at WordPress and now have only 5 subscribers.  Call me greedy, but I want more…LOTS more.  So…as I’ve been getting my SERIOUS craft on due to the homemade Christmas we’re doing this year, I’ve come across oodles of things I bought thinking “oh WOW I could do…..with this” but then never “did” and my storage space is pretty limited.  In addition, I’m having tons of fun spraying almost everything with my DIY glimmer mist so, if my goal for subscriber growth is met by the deadline,  I’ll throw in five 4 oz bottles of my DIY glimmer spray ~ Gold, Silver, Copper, Pearl White, and Misty Lavender because purple is my favorite color!!!  Keep in mind that a 2 oz bottle of Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels is about $7 a bottle!  You could get DOUBLE this amount FREE!  Can I get a Woot Woot?!?!?!?

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the things I’m looking to find a new home for:


This isn't even the beginning of the beginning!

And since I’m feeling pretty crafty, I might even make some fun items to throw in the box just because I can.  So…are you tempted yet?  I hope so…here’s the “fine print”:

I will be featuring a blog post with my favorite crafting tool besides my Cricut and ATG quite soon.  I want to know what YOUR other favorite tools are!  I know we all love our Cricuts and our ATG’s, but what else do you just ADORE and don’t think your life would be the same if you didn’t have it?  Receive one entry into my mystery blog candy giveaway just by telling me your favorite tool (remember it can’t be your Cricut or ATG).  Why stop there though…why not increase your odds of winning?

1.  Subscribe to this blog and get FIVE extra entries…yes I did just type FIVE!  (see I SERIOUSLY want more readers).  Take a look at the top left of the page…do you see where it says “Search This Blog”…directly under this is a window. Type you’re email in the box (or the email you want update notifications sent to) and hit the sign me up button.  That’s it…now whenever I post something you’ll get an email letting you know.

2.  Post a link to this giveaway on Facebook or your own blog and leave another comment letting me know and you’ll get another entry.

3.  Invite friends…one additional entry per person who says “Faithfule Creations (insert your name there) sent me!”  I may even send a special lil sumthin sumthin to the person who refers the most new subscribers.

That’s it…three easy ways to earn extra entries!  When I have 100 subscribers by December 23rd (my first 90 days at this spot),  5 bottles of DIY Glimmer Mist go into the pot.  And, if the goal is reached before then, I’ll make an extra 5 bottles…colors to be determined and yes, I’ll take your requests and do my best to accommodate them.  So, thinking positively that 95 more subscriptions will occur before Dec 23rd, one lucky winner will receive a blog candy package award valued at more than $150.   I guess now there are just two questions left to ask…are you subscribed and who do you know?


Pretty in Pink the remix

I wont’ be able to do the beaded oval part correctly until my good friend Loves2Smock succeeds in saving me.  You may recall from Facebook that my Cuttlebug had a heart attack and died.  Loves2Smock has come to my rescue by selling me hers for a fraction of the price YAY!!!  So…to give y’all an idea of what the finished project will look like, I modified the beaded oval digitally.  I’m also not sure what “word art” I will create for the oval…I’m open to suggestions.


This may be the best album I've ever made!

Pretty in Pink – WIP

Someone with the same crafty interests I have just adores the color pink.  I won’t say who because it COULD be you!  Here is an album I’m making for said person…it’s a work in progress I still need to add “Creative Flair” from the Forever Young cartridge.  I’ll update again when it’s finished finished.

Creative Flair

I painted the feathers but I’m not sure I like them very much.  The shimmer you see on the flower in the bottom left is a dull white flower I found in the wedding aisle at Wal Mart and sprayed with my DIY glimmer mist using Pearl-Ex and PVA glue.  Just call me McDonald’s because I’m lovin it!



For the love of Elmo

My nephew’s favorite character now is Elmo.  Actually two of my nephews adore that crazy big eyed red fur ball.  Bubby, as we affectionately call the older of the two Elmo lovers, had his 3rd birthday party today.  It was held at the worst place EVER…Chuch E. Cheese.  Seriously just seeing that place gives me a headache.   Being the loving Auntie I am though, I drug the cousins and I into hell and was at Bubby’s party in full force.  He had such a great time and it was so fun watching him explore and enjoy everything around him.  He was particularly thrilled by the merry-go-round/carousel…he rode it 6 times in a row just with me!  That Bubby…I’m telling you.

Anyway, he ♥’s Elmo severe and I ♥ him severe so I knew I wanted to get him some sort of Elmo something or other.  The problem is he has a ton of various Elmo dolls…they talk, they sing, they vibrate, they lay silent and motionless (those are my favorite ones) and he didn’t need any more Elmo dolls.  Another issue I had was finances…there just isn’t enough money these days.  Alas what was an Auntie to do…craft of course.  I made my sister a brag book for her birthday and her son adores it so I thought hmmmm I’ll just make him an Elmo book.  It was going to just be a bunch of random pictures of Elmo but then I found this one on the net:

Doesn’t it just BEG for some writing in the white box?  Being a graphic designer by trade, I thought “oh wow you should make him an Elmo story.”  And so I tried to channel my inner Elmo so I could write a story my nephew would love. Ultimately I had to solicit the help from my children.  This is the story we came up with:

Hello Nathan!!!  A little birdie told Elmo it is your birthday.  Elmo really likes birthdays.  Elmo likes birthdays a lot.  You get to eat lots of cake and ice cream.  Elmo loves ice cream.  Do you like ice cream too?  You also get to open lots of presents.  Elmo loves to open presents.  Another thing Elmo really likes about birthdays is candles.  Elmo likes blowing candles out.  When Elmo goes to parties he likes to wear party hats.  Nathan do you like to wear party hats too?  Nathan, Elmo has a secret.  Elmo likes it when Cookie Monster has a birthday.  He always has good cookies and cookies are very yummy in Elmo’s tummy.  Elmo likes to sing and dance at parties too.  Nathan, Dorothy told Elmo you sing and dance to your worship music and Undo It.  Elmo says, “Good Job Bubby!”  Elmo has a song for you Nathan.  Happy birthday to you.  Happy Birthday dear Nathan…”  Ya, ya happy birthday Dear NATHAN that’s right!  Elmo also likes to see family and play with friends like his Dorothy and Zoe.  Elmo thinks Nathan has lots of family and friends who love him.  Just watch out for Oscar.  He can spoil all the fun because he’s a grouch.  Auntie told Elmo you watch the movie Elmo in Grouchland all the time.  That makes Elmo  very very happy.  Did you know that Grouches don’t like birthdays?  That makes Elmo sad.  But what makes Elmo really happy, even more than cake and ice cream and new toys is hearing about little boys who love Elmo like you!  Elmo Loves you Nathan!

Each of my children had a part of making the final story.  It was a collaborative effort that Mr. Nathan liked so well he had the story read to him twice in less than two hours!  That makes this Auntie’s heart S O A R!!!  Here is a picture of the unfinished cover…I ran out of time today but need to add the words “Nathan’s Elmo Book” or something like that to the cover.


Front Cover - partially complete

Here’s a close up of the binding.  I’ll be adding beads later too.

And finally, here is a picture of two of the interior pages (they are all the same):

Inside page sample


The final page of the book tells him when he got it and who it’s from:

And now the part you all are dying to know…how I did it?  Well, I used some heavyweight chipboard measuring 4 x 6.  The interior pages were created in PhotoShop and printed on brochure paper which has a little gloss to it.  I used a red piece of paper for the front covers, the Elmo heads on the cover are from a cut on the Elmo’s Party (something like that) cartridge, and then tied the words and ribbon to the binding wire.  Oh yeah…I ran all the pages through my Xyron before adhering to the chipboard pages.  I’ll post updated pictures when I get the front cover blinged out the rest of the way.

And now…enjoy him receiving the book with his Mommy.


DIY Glimmer Part 2

Today I went to the art supply store and got some Pearl-Ex…you know the kind WITHOUT the binding agent already in it.  I also bought some PVA glue (because it was cheaper than gum arabic and even BOGO).  Then I went to Michael’s and bought a pearl additive (which I’m sure I probably could have found the art supply store) and came home and made up two new batches of spray.  My bottles are four ounces…I filled if half full of PVA glue, added 4 or 5 knife tips of Pearl-Ex, a squeeze or two of the pearl additive and then filled the rest of the bottle with water leaving just enough space to allow the ingredients to mix.  I made a purple one and a pearl one.  In the pearl spray, I used a lot more of the pearl additive.  Here’s how the two colors came out (and really this photo doesn’t do them justice) on chipboard:

I like this recipe better than the earlier one I posted.  The nice thing about the PVA glue is that it goes on white and dries clear.  This allows you to see where you’ve sprayed.  It also doesn’t get the paper as wet as the alcohol/water combo does.  If you’re visual like me, below are images of glue and Pearl-Ex.


I bought the smallest size jar shown in the picture above.  It was about $6 a jar and is enough pigment powder to make a jillion bottles of spray.  The PVA glue was about the same price as a large container of  Mod Podge, but I can’t use a coupon on it so going forward I will likely just use Mod Podge as a binding agent instead.  Additionally, I have added the image below to my wish list…or my “to get some day soon” list.  I can’t exactly call it a wish list because I pretty much always buy what’s on the list…eventually anyway.

I should also mention that adding the pearl additive probably wasn’t necessary.  The two shades of Pearl-Ex I bought are SUPER shimmery but I wanted to make sure the new sprays had some serious shine so I went ahead and used the additive.  I may still try the recipe mentioned by The Frugal Crafter, but will be getting my gum arabic at Micheal’s with a coupon.

Pinning my beaded ovals

I was late to jump into the Spellbinders’ family but when I did…I got HOOKED for realz.  I have filled my first Nesties book and will soon have to make a third book to accommodate my ever-growing collection of Spellbinders dies.  Memory Making Crafts emailed me months and months ago about the new Nesties (well new at the time anyway) and I quickly ordered the snowflake pendant, the lacey squares, and the beaded ovals.  Here is the first card I made using the beaded ovals and two of the decorative corsage pins I just started making.