Nesties…they’re not just for birds anymore!

I have been hooked on Spellbinders since I got my first set.  I was thrilled to be able to walk into my local JoAnn’s and find a decent selection of them!  That means I can get them at 40 or  50 percent off YAY!!!  I searched the Internet for ways people stored theirs and came up with this:


My first Nesties book

Magnetic pages...LOVE it!

Inside pages again

Indie Art butterfly embellishments



The ribbon looks blue in these photos but really it’s purple and green…my two favorite colors.  Here’s what I used and how I did it….

Core’dinations Gemstone paper in Purple, Green and Black (I don’t have time now to get exact colors)
Black and Purple cardstock for interior pages
Printed Paper
Magnetic Tape
Silver Skittles/Dew Drops
Indie Art Cartridge


I cut my chipboard pages 8 x 8.  I used a pretty heavy grade of chipboard.  I covered both sides of the chipboard with purple and black cardstock alternating the pages purple-black-purple-black.  I then cut the pattered paper 6 x 6 and adhered a piece of magnetic tape (1 inch wide) in the center.  Then this page was affixed to the chipboard pages.  Added the ribbon and embellishments (butterflies cut at 2 I think), inked and sealed the edges, bound using the Cinch and 1.25 inch wires and voilà!  After making my book, I showed it too my dear friend Loves2Smock and she liked it well enough I’ve made one for her too.  Her book is better than mine though…in her book I alternated the direction of the magnetic tape pages so that the tape, if visible would form crosses in the book, instead of the tape going all the same direction on every page.  This seems to have made a difference in the “chunkiness” of the book.  Once I finish making her care package and get it shipped to her, I’ll post pictures of her book.



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