DIY Glimmer Mist

I used to be able to say that crafting was cheaper than therapy.  With awesome tools like the Cricut Expression, The Cinch, Bind-It-All, and Cuttlebug though, I’m not sure if that statement still holds true.  I do however, like to save money wherever I can (and not just in my crafting supplies either) and recently I finally got around to making my own Glimmer Mist spray.

I originally found out about this from the old Cricut Message Board when Black Diamond posted about having successfully made her own.  For my first batch, I followed the directions on her blog (which is no longer operational) using just a bit more pigment powder than she recommends.  I used the amount that fits on the tip of a butter knife as a scoop and put three scoops per bottle.  I bought spray bottles at Dollar Tree in the bath and beauty section.  They were in 2 packs and contained a floral and fruity body spray.  After dumping, rinsing, and drying each bottle, I filled each bottle half full of alcohol and added three scoops of Perfect Pearls Metallics.  I then filled my spray bottles with water leaving just enough room to shake them real good and, despite the learning curve I’m on in learning how to use them right, I’m pretty happy with the overall results.  You could always add a few drops of alcohol ink if you wanted them colored.  I just used the Perfect Pearls alone, though I will be making a purple spray soon.  Here is what it looks like sprayed on black paper.



I think I like the pearl color the best because it kind of looks like outer space, especially on the black paper.  Though I am happy with my result, I do think I will be experimenting with a few different methods just to find the “perfect” method of making my own mist.  I’ll post again once I find what I think is the “perfect” formulation.



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