DIY Glimmer Part 2

Today I went to the art supply store and got some Pearl-Ex…you know the kind WITHOUT the binding agent already in it.  I also bought some PVA glue (because it was cheaper than gum arabic and even BOGO).  Then I went to Michael’s and bought a pearl additive (which I’m sure I probably could have found the art supply store) and came home and made up two new batches of spray.  My bottles are four ounces…I filled if half full of PVA glue, added 4 or 5 knife tips of Pearl-Ex, a squeeze or two of the pearl additive and then filled the rest of the bottle with water leaving just enough space to allow the ingredients to mix.  I made a purple one and a pearl one.  In the pearl spray, I used a lot more of the pearl additive.  Here’s how the two colors came out (and really this photo doesn’t do them justice) on chipboard:

I like this recipe better than the earlier one I posted.  The nice thing about the PVA glue is that it goes on white and dries clear.  This allows you to see where you’ve sprayed.  It also doesn’t get the paper as wet as the alcohol/water combo does.  If you’re visual like me, below are images of glue and Pearl-Ex.


I bought the smallest size jar shown in the picture above.  It was about $6 a jar and is enough pigment powder to make a jillion bottles of spray.  The PVA glue was about the same price as a large container of  Mod Podge, but I can’t use a coupon on it so going forward I will likely just use Mod Podge as a binding agent instead.  Additionally, I have added the image below to my wish list…or my “to get some day soon” list.  I can’t exactly call it a wish list because I pretty much always buy what’s on the list…eventually anyway.

I should also mention that adding the pearl additive probably wasn’t necessary.  The two shades of Pearl-Ex I bought are SUPER shimmery but I wanted to make sure the new sprays had some serious shine so I went ahead and used the additive.  I may still try the recipe mentioned by The Frugal Crafter, but will be getting my gum arabic at Micheal’s with a coupon.


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