Because 50 is Nifty


I mean it…it really is.  Heck Provo Craft even has a cartridge called Nifty Fifties right?  Well, with my epically failed effort to get to 100 subscribers in my first 90 days, I learned a lesson…let’s reward littler steps along the way.  If you are subscribed to and reading my blog then you know how much I am ♥ing Verve stamps right?  If you’re not, you are probably missing out on some cool stuff (see…my subscribers are smiling and nodding I can feel it) and might want to consider a subscription.  It’s free…it notifies you when a new blog post is made, AND it’s even painless.  What more do you need…oh wait I know…maybe you need bribed enticed influenced…yeah influenced by blog candy?!?!?  Oh…ok I suppose I can accommodate you!  When this blog reaches 50 subscriptions, I will give one lucky winner their choice of either Verve set featured below:

And, if this happens on or before Valentine’s Day, I’ll select another winner and give them the other set.  How do you get entered to win:

  1. You must be a subscriber.  Enter your email address on the top left sidebar and hit the “sign me up” button.  Be sure to check your email to verify your subscription or you won’t be updated.  Check your SPAM folder, it often goes there.

That’s right, all people subscribed get a chance to win!  For a second chance, leave a comment on THIS post saying you’ve spread the word via your own blog, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever and I’ll enter your name twice!


Start groovin to the Verve vibe…FREE

More details to come.

Theirs was the perfect love affair

Good Morning Everyone!  Hope Sunday is good to you!  Today has just gotten started but I have a full schedule with church, a birthday party, choir practice, perhaps a Fireside and THEN, when all that is done, I still have massive homework to get submitted by the end of the night.  Did one of you take my caffeine drip?  I’ll be needing that back…RIGHT NOW!

Saturday was very good to me.  Though tired and cranky (it was a good tired and cranky because I was up all night Friday night playing with my new toys), Saturday was a good day.  I introduced my creativity to Verve and my creativity was so impressed it is now engaged to (well wait maybe it’s engaged by or engaged in) Verve.  It’s the perfect relationship…my Verve stamps are happy because they are given a lot of attention and are well cared for and my creativity is equally thrilled by how this new relationship allows it to thrive.

Friday night/Saturday morning I created the sentiment/verse seen on the card below.  I used my Scalloped Rectangles from Spellbinders and then colored the shape blue with some Studio G chalk ink.  Next I took a stamp from the Because of You set (the floral vine thing in the bottom right corner) and colored it using my embossing markers and Stamped over the blue “sky” part…yes, my paper was still in y die when I did this.  The sentiment/verse was stamped with black StayzOn but because I was stamping in my lap and not on a good firm surface, part of the sentiment/verse didn’t come out the first try; I had to try it again.  This is why the stamped text is a little “off”…operator error not the quality or performance of the stamp.  The pink mat was punched with a Martha Stewart border punch and the blue piece was embossed using the floral embossing folder that comes with the new and improved Cuddlebug.  Sentiment/verse scalloped rectangle was adhered with foam dots and then I just added some ribbon to finish it up.  What do you think?

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Life has been a series of unfortunate events as of late and, though it took FOREVER, I finally have a Blog Candy Winner!  Congratulations to Gianna!  Please contact me so I can send your goodies. was used to select the winner.  Here is the result:

Gianna said her favorite tools, aside from her Cricut and ATG are “decorated punch tools.”  I feel you Gianna…I really like these tools too!  My favorite tools, aside from my ATG and Cricut are my Spellbinders Dies.  I will have photos of everything I am sending to Gianna once I get it all boxed up.  Congrats again and my apologies for it taking so long to choose a winner.


Remember from my last post I told you that every crafter has their own obsessions and how one of mine was Martha Steward punch-around-the-page punches?  Well, I’ll own one more obsession.  Aside from my Cricut and ATG, my next favorite tools (and arguably the most used) are Spellbinders dies.  My Just For You stamp set from Verve just HAD to have Beaded Circles too.  I mean I can’t use Lacey Circles or regular Circles or Scalloped Circles all the time now can I?  Of course not.  Here is another project I completed using Beaded and Small Circles (just found out they now have Beaded Squares too) from Spellbinders and the Happy Hello Verve stamp set.

Martha meets Verve

Every crafter has their  weakness.  This crafter has several.  One of them is Martha Stewart punches.  Particularly the punch around the page sets.  I was first introduced to these when Robyn, aka My Pink Stamper, introduced the loops version.  I won’t admit to how many sets I have now.  I’m an American Citizen and as such, I have the right not to incriminate myself so there! LOL.  Below is the first card I made with my NEW Verve Stamps (I did tell you I ♥ these right?!?!?).  I used Martha’s Double Arch Large punch-around-the-page set for the background mat and Lacey Squares from Spellbinders with Classic Squares Large for the bright blue pieces.  The Verve stamp shown is from the Just For You set, coincidentally this set is on sale right now!


Close Up


I just LOVE the Double Arch…the finished piece feels a lot like paper lace in your hand.  The one thing I do want to point out about this though is the large punch around the page sets have different sizes for punching than the regular ones do.  You’ll cut at 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 to achieve this effect.  This image is cut at 6.

I’ve got VERVE bay bay!

I don’t remember how I first learned about this stamp company.  I really don’t.  I follow hundreds of blogs and view so many things so often I often forget where I heard or saw it first.  At any rate, I’ve been perusing the Verve Store for ummmm about 7 months now.  No, I never thought to go to their blog, or to owner Julee Tilman’s blog Poetic Artistry either.  At least not until till my cyber bestie Queen of Enabling (get used to it you’re going to see her name in this blog a LOT…she has her title for very good reason) sent me over there.  Ummm…this was NOT a good thing. CURSE YOU Queen of Enabling! Allow me to digress…

Queen of Enabling is a penny pincher.  She loves to look at stuff and dream about stuff, but when it comes to stuff, her “buy” button barely works.  It’s not a bad thing…we should all be so frugal and good with money as Queen of Enabling is really.  The problem is…my buy button works a LOT better than hers and so I’m easily influenced.  After viewing the Verve Blog and Poetic Artistry, I finally took the plunge and purchased some stamps.  I will be ordering even more next Friday.  I have to say, I have tried, used, and bought many stamps from several different vendors and to date…Verve is the Ferrari of stamps.  Get this, 32 minutes after I got a confirmation email saying they had received my order, I received another saying my package had shipped.  I ♥ good customer service and this was EXCEPTIONAL.

My stamps arrived in a rather plain chipboard USPS issue priority mail envelope, which I expected.  What I didn’t expect though was this:

And, inside the sparkly pretty blue tissue was another layer of brown tissue.  The company colors of course are blue and brown.  This is what was inside the second layer of tissue:

Happy mail YAY!

I left to run some errands right after opening my happy mail and had to wait until I got home to play with these new stamps. When I finally sat down to play with them the first thing I noticed was the way they smell.  They are pleasantly scented with maybe a vanilla lavender kind of smell.  Not hugely powerful, not overly noticeable, but pleasant nonetheless.  It’s the first time I’ve ever noticed a pleasant smell to clear stamps and it was a nice surprise.  Upon removing my first few to test them out, I immediately noticed the high quality polymer that was used and how clean and crisp the images stamp.  I am in love with these stamps for real and can’t wait to order even more on Friday!