Perfectly Pink

Last year my children and I decided we would do a homemade Christmas.  Though some of the gifts they got me were purchased, everything I gave was hand-made.   This was TRULY a labor of love because I hate the pagan part of Christmas.  I mean REALLY hate it.  I could do without the tree (Sister if you’re reading this can we PLEASE take it down now?!?!?), the gift exchange, the crowds, the traffic, Santa, reindeer, candy canes…you name it, I hate all things Christmas that are not centered on the birth of the baby.  I indulge my children and family though and do all the Christmas stuff anyway…I just don’t do it as jubilantly as they would like.  For the first time in 10 years or more, I was able to share the holidays with pretty much my entire family…well you know the parental and all the siblings I was raised with plus their kids.  Even a few of the extended family were present…it meant for a LOT of gift giving.  This is what I made for my sister:


No Cricut involved in this project but I’m pretty thrilled with how it turned out anyway…she was/is too right sister?  I know what you’re thinking…what is it and how did she do it?   Well never fear my friends, I have those answers…it’s a chalkboard/magnet board that is all done up pretty and girly…just like my sister.  Now…here’s what you need and how to make one yourself.

Supplies Used:

1 12 x 12 frame
1 sheet of 12 x 12 paper (I used a sheet from the Tiffany Stack)
Chalkboard paint (I used about 3/4 of a small bottle from Wal-Mart)
Lace and Ribbon
Coordinating or contrasting accent paper
Photo of my sister and her kids
1 piece of sheet metal (mine was 6 by 10 I believe)
Glue gun and glue stick
Glass Rocks or whatever you want to call them
Circle Magnets
Zip Dry
Spray Adhesive
Foam Brush
Flower and Brad


And now…how did I do it?  Well first I took the glass out of the frame…you won’t need that.  Then I took spray adhesive and sprayed the backing of the frame…the piece with hardware on it to hang it.  Added my 12 x 12 sheet  of paper and set it aside.  next I cut a piece of chipboard the size of my sheet metal and painted it with chalkboard paint.  Let it dry overnight and painted a second coat.  I attached the chipboard chalkboard to the sheet metal using my ATG.  YES it will hold it but you need to do a couple of layers of tape in the same spot to be safe.  Next I hot glued lace to the outside edge of the frame and to the “dividing” section of the board.  Stamped my sentiments in black ink on the accent paper and left the bottom of one unglued so it could act like a pocket.  On the bottom sentiment I included the picture of my sister and her kids.

Then, to make the magnets, I first took the glass rocks and traced around them on the parts of the paper I wanted to use under them.  Then I cut out the traced shape, used zip dry to glue it to the rock and added a magnet.  The magnets I used are SUPER powerful too…best I’ve ever seen actually but off-hand I forget the brand name.  Because the metal is under the chalkboard piece, it can be used as a chalkboard OR magnet board or both.  I’d love to see yours if you decide to make your own!  Stay tuned for more Christmas projects, for now I’m off to make that super special page I mentioned on Facebook and create some more word art!


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