Thank God I survived

Have you ever had a prompting you couldn’t ignore?  A nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that you just HAD to do something?  If you’re like me, you ignore those feelings with sincere hopes that they will go away if you just ignore them long enough.  Well…this prompting hasn’t gone away for more than a week (ok so it’s been almost two actually) and I’m not very patient so I decided it was time to heed the call.  It’s been a very trying time with my  ex husband lately and I’ve found myself sad, frustrated, and crying over my circumstances a lot lately.  The “idea” for this page came to me around Christmas when my son needed some consoling after his father couldn’t remember his age or correct date of birth.  Instead of going away though, the prompting began to scream at me night and day and so I finally made the time to create this page.  I will provide the recipe and instructions for its creation below the photo like I normally do; however, before you take a look at that, you may want to read my story.  This story is tucked inside the pocket/envelope seen in the page below and I created the survivor cut in SCAL.  If you would like that file, please leave a comment letting me know where to email it.  Without further delay, allow me to present:

My Story


Supplies Used:
12 x 12 sheet of paper (I used a purple one from Core’dinations Gemstone line) for page itself
Core’dinations Gemstone Green
Core’dinations Gemstone Black
Purple textured cartstock (it was a stack I took apart and sorry I forget the maker)
Lavender Rosebuds paper by Paper Pizazz
Black Current Stack from DCWV (used only for the word survivor)
HP Brochure Paper
Starry Night Stickles
Tags Bags Boxes and More
Design Studio
Prima Flowers (the ones used here were purchased at Archiver’s)
Butterfly Embellishment (I’m sorry I tossed the pkg don’t know the maker but again…bought at Archiver’s)
EK Success Parisian 8025 border punch
Brads (Recollections)
Glue Dots (for butterfly)


So how’d I do it…well the first thing I did was write my story…scroll up for a link to it.  I printed it out on brochure paper, taped the two panels together with my ATG and then scored at 3 inches folding mountain valley style.  Next, using Design Studio, I laid out the tag (scltop) it’s like 5 x 7.  Then I also laid out rndtp2 using the mirror setting.  The ribbon, as I said was done with SCAL.  To make the pocket on the tag I cut a piece of Gemstone Green the width of the tag by 3 inches and punched the edge using the border punch.  I adhered three sides to the tag leaving the top open to form a pocket.  The Lavender Blossoms paper was cut the width of the tag by 2 inches high just to add a little extra something something to the pocket.  Under where it says survivor in the bottom left is the last license I had under my previous identity…in the bottom right, a copy of the new one.  And, in the top right is a picture of me matted on Gemstone Green.  If you happen to be one of my Facebook friends then you know this was a super hard layout for me…not because of the layout itself, but including my story and posting it here for all of you to read.  Maybe in the future when I’m feeling beaten yet again, I can pull out this layout and remind myself that I am a SURVIVOR!!!


9 thoughts on “Thank God I survived

  1. I am so sorry for what you and your children have been through. At the same time I thank god that you ALL survived. Your story touched my heart and im proud of you for sharing it with other. It takes courage to do so. Thank you!!!

  2. I am so happy that you finally were able to get out. I was married for 10 years to an alcoholic and drug addict, he was my addiction. It took me a long time to finally get away. He was mentally abusive to me and my daughter and I have a seperated shoulder to remember him by. Even though he has been with someone else since we split up he still wouldn’t sign divorce papers for a couple of years but now I am married to the most amazing man who loves my daughter as his own. We have been split up for 11 years now and divorced for 2 years this month. It will get better. Good luck to you and take care of yourself and your children.
    Kerry–Momma K

    • I will have to take your word for it…my ex and I have been divorced for three years in June but I’m entirely certain I do not trust my judgment any longer. I sometimes wish I had drugs and alcohol to blame his bad behavior on but there was no scapegoat…he was just evil period. His current girlfriend and him got together before our divorce was final and they just had a baby in March. His felony charges were reduced to 1 misdemeanor and he served nothing more than the two weeks. It was a bitter pill to swallow that he got off with such little consequence while our lives have been flipped inside out and backwards, but then I found Matthew 18:6. He’s done slightly more than offend these children…I don’t have to get him…my Heavenly Father will.

  3. hi. ur layout is so beautilful and shows just how strong you are and can be. keep ur chin up. you are fine and you will always be fine. God bless xoxo

  4. ur page is beautiful. you are a strong woman and it shows just how strong you are and how strong you can be. keep ur chin up. God bless xoxo

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