Because I Notice

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, you know that this week has been a very trying time with my nephew.  He is only 3 and has been having seizures for the last 2 years with no explanation about how or why…that is until now.  Thirteen Seizures in less than one week was an awful lot to see him go through but we finally have some answers…temporal epilepsy.  Prayerfully we can now get it under control with meds so that surgery isn’t necessary.  During this week, my little girl (who is just 11) has really stepped up to the plate helping me pack the things my sister wanted and needed for my nephew and herself, holding down the fort at home while I made countless trips to the hospital, and well just genuinely going above and beyond to help out…all without having to be asked or even told.  I made this card for her and it fits perfectly for the Music Monday’s Challenge that my scrappy friend Erin is hosting.  I love this challenge because if you know me in real life and not just my cyber one, then you know I am completely addicted to music.  Without it I would die.   I was not familiar with the artist Erin chose this week (GASP I know…) but the words to You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne, though designed to be about or for a lover I’m sure are perfect for my daughter when they say “you are the best thing you are the best thing you are the best thing that ever happened to me.”  My daughter is just amazing (yes I know I’m biased because she’s mine) but really she has been the glue that has kept me together more than once.  This card is for her.  It’s my twist on the pocket card concept and my second video (eventually) will showcase how I did it.  For now though, enjoy the pictures of this card as much as my baby girl enjoyed receiving it.  And Erin, thanks for introducing me to a new artist…I love it when this happens!

Card Exterior

Card Interior


One thought on “Because I Notice

  1. I am so glad that your family finally has some answers. We will all continue to pray that your nephew recovers and treatment to mange it is successful. I do love the card too! I love pink/green /blue combos

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