Because 50 is Nifty


I mean it…it really is.  Heck Provo Craft even has a cartridge called Nifty Fifties right?  Well, with my epically failed effort to get to 100 subscribers in my first 90 days, I learned a lesson…let’s reward littler steps along the way.  If you are subscribed to and reading my blog then you know how much I am ♥ing Verve stamps right?  If you’re not, you are probably missing out on some cool stuff (see…my subscribers are smiling and nodding I can feel it) and might want to consider a subscription.  It’s free…it notifies you when a new blog post is made, AND it’s even painless.  What more do you need…oh wait I know…maybe you need bribed enticed influenced…yeah influenced by blog candy?!?!?  Oh…ok I suppose I can accommodate you!  When this blog reaches 50 subscriptions, I will give one lucky winner their choice of either Verve set featured below:

And, if this happens on or before Valentine’s Day, I’ll select another winner and give them the other set.  How do you get entered to win:

  1. You must be a subscriber.  Enter your email address on the top left sidebar and hit the “sign me up” button.  Be sure to check your email to verify your subscription or you won’t be updated.  Check your SPAM folder, it often goes there.

That’s right, all people subscribed get a chance to win!  For a second chance, leave a comment on THIS post saying you’ve spread the word via your own blog, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever and I’ll enter your name twice!


31 thoughts on “Because 50 is Nifty

  1. I saw your post on Facebook in the Sisterhood of Papercrafting group! I’ve now subscribed! These stamps are beautiful and thank you for the chance to win!


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