Handmade by Angelica

Check out this AWESOME mixed media canvas from Angelica.  Isn’t it the PERFECT piece of art to hang in my new place?  Those of you who know we well (and those of you who don’t are probably starting to figure it out)…I dream big…or not at all.  This is so awesome I immediately charged the cost of this stamp set so I can make my own version of this to hang in my new apartment!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!  Thanks Angelica for sharing.  For details, please sure to visit her blog, Handmade By Angelica.


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The original blog button I had has been deleted.  I tried to upload it again and WordPress keeps adding a number to the image.  It’s a little bit frustrating actually.  So, if you have previously grabbed my button where the words “Faithfule Creations” were blue and the button purple and black, you may now see something like this:

To get the button/blinkie to display again, you will need to do one of two things.  You can either just copy the code to the left under the new blinkie and replace the entire code on your site or you can change “blogicon” to “newblinkie” in the code.  Either way will allow the new button/blinkie to show on your blog.  I’m so sorry…I didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to add the exact image back again while keeping the address to the image the same.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

You’ve Touched My Heart Blog Award

As anyone with cyber friends can tell you, yes it really is possible to get to know someone online.  Communication is critical to any good relationship and when all you can do is communicate well…My Bestie and I have been friends for almost 20 years and yet, we’ve never met face to face.  Can you believe that?  I can it’s, it’s truly representative of my life.  I don’t get out much…I work, bank, go to school, pay bills, read, interact socially, etc online.  But, unlike that Brad Paisley song, I’m not cooler online, at least I don’t think so anyway.  In fact, I think I’m probably the same in real life as I am in my cyber life actually.  Loves2Smock care to answer that for me…am I “so much cooler online?”  LOL.  Anyway…because I work and go to school online I get to chat with people from all over the world a lot.  In the course of my conversations, there have been a few people who have touched my heart for various reasons.  I decided they needed their own blog award so I made this:

You like it?  I sure do and the first recipients of this award are:

1.  Sarah from Plain and Small:  I learn so much from Sarah I almost need another brain to hold it all.  She is one of the most humble, faithful people I’ve ever met in my cyber life AND real life.  She gives more of herself than anyone should and, though she has bad days like us all, she continues to give no matter what.  She has touched my heart because from her I’ve learned countless lessons on forgiveness, Christ-like love, humility, and charity.  My life will never be the same because of you Sarah and I am grateful to have you not just as a friend but also as my sister in Zion.

2.  Sarah from Pink Cricut:  This Sarah and I have chatted several times on Facebook chat and she truly wears her heart on her sleeve.  I have opened up to her about things I bet she never thought she’d hear from a cyber crafting buddy and not only did she listen when I needed an ear (well actually read when I needed eyes LOL), she seemed genuinely concerned and was eager to uplift and encourage me.  Sarah, I’m sure our chats didn’t seem like much at the time, but you have touched my heart by having them with me and I thank you.

3.  Tanya from Scrappy Scavenger:  What can I say about Tanya…oh my.  Tanya and have chatted almost daily since we met over at that Facebook spot.  In our conversations, I have learned that we have a lot in common.  When I think about both my maternal and paternal family it’s hard to believe I came from these people (thank God for my Ward family I’m telling you).  Tanya totally gets how I feel about my father.  Tanya has touched my heart with her humor and her tender and caring spirit.  When life keeps us away from Facebook, I find myself missing our interaction.  Tanya, thank you for who you are in my life.

4.  Nicole from Simple Scrappin:  I ♥ Nicole.  She and I communicate all the time via chat, text, Facebook, Facebook chat, etc.  She quickly became more than just a scrappy sister and is becoming a person who’s friendship I cherish.  Nicole has touched my heart with her uncanny ability to know just when to pop in and check on me when life has kicked me in the face again and I’m ready to just lay down and take it.  She is someone I admire for more reasons than I have room to get into here at this blog (believe me you’d stop reading after like the 10,000th line lol).  She left an abusive man and became a single parent at a very young age and continues to keep me encouraged as I deal with feelings that only another single parent in my shoes could fully comprehend.  Thank you Nicole for being there to keep me encouraged when there isn’t anything encouraging about my circumstance.

5.  Krista from Krista’s Paper Cafe:  Krista and I were in a blog hope together and we’ve become bosom buddies ever since.  She has touched my heart with her devotion to my blog.  Ultimately I blog just for me.  In a past life, my end all be all goal was to be a writer.  Blogging, whether I’m sharing craft projects, or keepin’ it real on my private page Live Faithfule, sharing some good eats (which I don’t do nearly enough), or praising my God, it all involves writing.  It’s something I love to do.  Writings no one reads though is sad I think.  I know, if no one else reads my “against the norm” WordPress blog, Krista does.  Her comments always touch my heart and keep me smiling.  It’s nice to know you matter and I know I matter to Krista because she takes the time to read and comment on my blog.  Krista, thank you for taking the time to peak in on my lil world and being so diligent to always let me know you’ve been here.  I appreciate that more than you know!


I guess technically this is a people award not a blog award because it has very little to do with the blogs themselves.  Aww well.  Now, ladies receiving this award is easy.  Just right-click the image and save it wherever you want.  You can choose to pass it on or not, that’s entirely up to you.  If you choose to pass it own, you can pass it to 1 person or 100.  The spirit behind the award is to recognize anyone who touches your heart.  The only thing I am going to ask with passing it on though, is that you tell us why the person you give this award too has touched your heart.  Then, you might also want to let the people you give the award to know so they can accept it and pay it forward too!

Ladies, thank you for touching my life.  Each of you make a difference and I appreciate you.

Stinkin’ Proud

I used to be exclusively a scrapper.  Now I’m more of a card maker than anything else.  I love to make cards for my kiddos when I’ve caught them being GREAT!  I had an idea of what child I was going to give this too but then I never got around to making it and well now, quite frankly, I ‘m thinking it’s just TOO stinkin’ cute to give away.  You will want to click the thumbnail to see the larger version.  This is my first side-step card and I’m pretty proud of it.  My kids think it’s Bambi and Flower…huh ok I guess.

There is so much going on in this card I can’t even begin to explain it all.  I have DIY wobbles in this card, glue dots, foam squares, and lots of amazing cuts.  I can tell you what else you’ll need though and how I did it.

Supplies Needed:
1 6 x 9 piece of heavy-duty cardstock (I’d use really light weight chipboard if I did a card with this much detail again.  I used Colorbok.)
Cindy Loo
Mickey and Friends
2 sheets of medium and dark green cardstock (two of each color)
Desired papers to cut the skunk (Create-a-critter), squirrel, and tree (Cindy Loo and I used pink, black, green brown and white paper from my stash)
A wobble or two (I used three of the ones I made myself…it’s not for wobblin’, it’s for dimension this time)
Martha Stewart Picket Fence Punch
Stickles (I used Fruit Punch and Cinnamon)
Glue Dots (I make my own)

PHEW….I think that’s all the supplies.  Ok now to remember how I did it.  Well first the card base.  I VERY lightly scored my 6 x 9 paper at two inches along the LONG end/side.  Then you score across the long side at 1, 2, 3.5, and 7.  Cut the paper along your first SUPER light score line from the 1inch score line to the 7 inch score line.  Turn your card around so that it’s still horizontal and but so that your cut is at the top and the vertical scores at the bottom and then score at 4.5.  Fold that score up like a peak and then fan fold all your other scores.  After that you just need to decorate.  I cut the squirrel from Cindy Loo at 3.25.  I don’t remember what my skunk was cut and and the grass I cut from Mickey and Friends at like 2.25.  I had to go into DS and add a rectangle from George welded to my grass so it would “stack” on the stairs the way I wanted to, but the result made it beyond worth it.  Using your punch, punch a fence…mine is 6 inches wide by about an inch and a half.  Stickles everywhere, a hand written sentiment foam dots and wobbles for dimension and voilà!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Raven at Love 4 Stamps has a video with a similar card if you want to see the process.  The video I followed to get the card base can be found here.


Without GRAND you’d just have ma

My daughter’s are members of an awesome organization called Job’s Daughters International and each Bethel (what each individual group of Job’s Daughters are called) often adopts grandparents from the local Masonic and Eastern Star home.  My daughter’s have three grandmothers.  As a Jobie myself, I always felt like this was one of the areas that went neglected.  Even now, some 20 years later, the same thing holds true.

People in retirement/nursing homes often don’t get enough love as it is and Jobie grandparents are often grandparents in name only and not visited or contacted often.  It’s sad, but true.  My daughters and I were unable to visit the grandparents when the Bethel made a recent trip and writing my grandparents was always something I cherished…adopted ones or genetically related it didn’t matter.  My girls and I love to craft and do so every chance we get.  I volunteered the three of us to make a monthly card for the girls to sign and send/take to their grandparents.  I mean everyone just wants to know that someone somewhere loves them right?

So for March we decided to do a St. Paddy’s theme…you know play on the word “luck” and lots of green and yellow.  Two of the cards I have made will be saved for the St. Paddy’s Day Hop that I’m participating in…here is the third:

Supplies Needed:
Gemstone’s Blue Topaz paper from Core’dinations
Patterned Paper mat (I forgot to write down what I used)
Contrasting cardstock for pocket front
Stamps and Ink (Verve, Studio G,  Something Else and Versamark, Studio G)
Foam Dimensionals (EK Success from Wal Mart)
Ribbon (from my stash)
Water Color Pencils (picked up 24 pack at Michael’s with a coupon)
Teeny Paint Brush (Wal Mart)
StazOn ink in jet black
Your Story or Laminating Machine
Buttons (I added these after taking the picture…Doodblebug Designs Limeade assortment from Craft Warehouse)
Spellbinders Circles (I forget if they are large or small)

Now…how I did it.  First I started with the bookmark piece.  I stamped the bookmark piece with StayzOn and colored it using water-color pencils.  I refuse to invest in markers simply because I can only bring myself to color an image about once every 3 or 4 months.  Each time I do it, I remember why I hate it and it’s some time before I can do it again.  Why you ask…well one cuz I’m not very good at it.  Two because it’s time-consuming and three it makes my neck and back hurt.  After coloring the image the way I thought I wanted it, I stamped the sentiment, mounted to a scrap of the Blue Topaz (which is really green) and laminated it.  I then used my crop-a-dile (the bigger hole) to set an eyelet in the bookmark so I could run ribbon through it.

Using my bookmark as the ruler, I cut a piece of patterned paper to serve as the pocket “back” slightly larger than my bookmark and a slightly smaller piece (contrasting cardstock) for the front of the pocket.  More stamps, then I decided the front was too plain so I stamped the circle and flower from Verve onto the mat background paper and cut out with my Spellbinders circle die.  The limeade buttons I used are along the bottom right “corner” of the circle lol.

Once I got the background pocket piece cut and all the rest of my card elements completed, I cut a piece of Blue Topaz (that’s really REALLY green) Core’dinations paper for my card base and the whole thing measures about 4.5 x 3.34.  We will hand deliver this card, along with some goodies to the Bethel grandparents and you can see the other two pages after 11:30 EST Thursday March 17th during the St. Paddy’s Day Blog Hop.  Hope to see you then!

Look up I say, Look Up!

Originally posted on my former blog April 18th, 2010…

Once again I have had the chance to attend a Time Out For Women weekend. This is going to become my new habit I think. So much of my life is chaotic and this last week has been one I could have lived a million lifetimes without ever having had to endure but endure it I did. After the horrible start to the week, followed by an even worse midweek I was ready for it to come to an end. What I wasn’t quite ready for though is for it to come to an end quite the way it did. I attended TOFW last year too so I thought I was prepared…guess that’s what I get for thinking cuzum…yeah sorry so wasn’t prepared.
Where was I headed next…lemme think…sorry my thoughts are still a little scattered right now. Oh yeah so Friday afternoon just moments before needing to walk out the door to join the girliesfor TOFW 2010 I discover something that just leaves me feeling violated and angry all over again and I told Verizon I didn’t even want to go. Go I did and I am so glad.
The drive up, or is it over? Over and up maybe? The drive to ourTOFW venue taught me a couple of lessons. Adult women, when away from kids and husbands and crazy neighbors are really just teenagers in bigger bodies. We laughed and giggled and screamed in surround sound! It was so much fun. We arrive in the heart of the city and proceed to find our hotel but instead drive around and around and around and around and around and maybe around again. Finally we decide to just park and get our get our hind parts over to the convention center. As luck would have it, I wound up with FRONT ROW seats WOOT!
I need to back up a little bit though…back to that around and around thing. We couldn’t find that dang hotel anywhere no matter how what we did. Being women we even stopped and asked for directions, but still couldn’t find the hotel. As we left the parking garage and headed to the convention center we were forced to look up..or maybe we just naturally looked up…and right there in front of us just one block away was the hotel.
That experience kept coming to me over and over throughout the event but I didn’t quite get it until Mercy River performed their closing song and after the last lyric was sung, they all stood there so beautifully heads lifted to the heavens. They looked up and then, at that precise moment in time, I knew where the prompting came from…
Had we have just looked up, we would have known the hotel was on our right and not our left. Had we have just looked up, we’d have known exactly how to get to where we wanted and needed to be, but it never occurred to us I guess and we remained off course.  I’m sure I’m the only one that this happens to, but when I’m down and discouraged the muscles in the my neck forget their function and my head drops. I find I look down way more than I do up. The plus side of this though is I do get to see a lot of fabulous shoes! I have always thought it was because maybe I wanted to hide the emotion in my face from those around me or because it is easier to pretend nothing’s wrong when you don’t make eye contact with people or the strange medical phenomenon that happens in my neck or a million other things. Or maybe, I look down to hide from the one person ready and willing and fully capable of helping me. It didn’t occur to me that perhaps this was a the exact opposite of what I should be doing…looking up. Look up I say, look up.
Look Up I Say, Look Up
©Faithfule Creations
When you can’t see around the next bend
let alone the road’s end
When the light disappears from your day
and darkness appears intent to stay
When you lose control and find doubt
when you feel stuck with no way out
When you are out of courage and hope
when you lack the strength to even cope
When you are surrounded by people yet you feel alone
when you want to just crawl under a big stone
When you feel insecure and afraid
and wonder if you should have stayed
When you find yourself weak
and unable to find any words you can speak
Look up I say, look up to Him who knows
in His perfect like everything glows.
Look up to Him for courage and find strength
for your redemption he’s suffered great length.
Look up to Him and find directions for life
certain to provide comfort no matter what your strife.
Look up I say, look up no matter how dark the day
look up and he’ll show you the way.

It needs some work I know….but how many times in our lives do we drift a bit off course and look down or sideways instead of up? How many times do our struggles seem to difficult to bear and we lose our hope and our courage and our strength for no other reason than we fail to look up? How many times do we need answers and look to our friends, neighbors, family, the Internet, food, addiction, shopping, education, music, etc for the answers; answers that are often incorrect?

What if, instead of circling over and over in the wrong direction we’d have just pulled over and looked up to our Heavenly Father for his wisdom and guidance? Do you think He could have told us we were just a block off course and shown us exactly how to get where we needed to be? Do you really think He cares about us enough to help in all the little things? Of course, but then I wouldn’t have had the inspiration to write this blog now would I?