Cindy Loo meets Verve

What happens when a favorite cartridge meets a favorite stamp line?  You might get something like this:

Spectacular if I do say so myself!  This card HAD to come correct after the night we’ve had here.  Sheesh…I won’t elaborate much because Queen of Enabling says the deets are ewwwwww with 312 E’s and 500 w’s.  Really I have the text to prove it!  Anyway…something happened tonight that I just could NOT stomach.  Literally and figuratively actually.  My little sister really went above and beyond to back me up tonight and she deserves to find a surprise like this in her purse later today (I’d say tomorrow but since it is 2:56am tomorrow is actually today).  I hope she likes it.

Be sure to check back later today for the supplies needed and instructions for completing this project (or one like it) yourself.  Right now my lil Tiva (that’s turtle and Diva combined) needs the computer back.  Before I give it back though, I figured might as well show the inside too:


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