And the winners are

Winners were chosen randomly using  All confirmed subscribers were entered into a spread sheet and extra entries for those spreading the news were added at the end of the list.  With 57 subscribers, I had 69 entries into the drawing.  The first number chosen was 63…that belonged to Leah of Leah’s Card Designs.  YAY LEAH!!!  As soon as she replies to me to let me know which stamp set she wants, I can then send Terrie from Craftee Cards the other set.  YAY Terrie!  More blog candy will happen when I have 68 confirmed subscribers and again at 100 so if you want to spread the word still, it just means I’ll get to give away more goodies sooner!  YAY!  Leah and Terrie, I have friend requested you on Facebook and sent you messages.  I need both of you ladies to let me know where to send your stamps and Leah I need to know which set you’d prefer.  Also, don’t forget my good friend Nancy was the 50th subscriber so she will be getting a special something too!  Happy Thursday everyone!


5 thoughts on “And the winners are

  1. Hi..saw mention of you on Tanya Scrappy Scavenger’s FaceBook page and decided to check out your blog. I love it, but, and I’m a lil embarrassed at seeming so dumb, but I can’t figure out how to follow your blog 🙂 thanks..Theresa (

  2. I just want to say thank you so much! This is perfect for our son’s scrapbook. We tried 14 years to have him to only face lots of complications along our road, then for him to make his appearance two months early was a big scare for us. He was given a special balloon when he was born by my Father who has since passed away suddenly that said “A Little Star was Born!” We have been looking for special “Star” things for his book. Thank you again!!!!

    • You are welcome Leah! I hope you are able to get some great use out of your stamp set. I will have a delivery confirmation for you as soon as your item goes postal. I’m a lil under the weather right now as is most of the members of my family so it may take a little bit still get it ordered and out to you. Congrats on your Little Star!

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