Because He is faithful too

Meet Crystal…

She is going in for open heart surgery tomorrow morning at 7am and needs our prayers.  Thank you in advance.  The last time she had heart surgery, she was dead for 45 minutes and her toe was already tagged for the morgue before she came back.  Her cousin is a scrappy sister named Tanya Scrappy Scavenger and she is worried about her too.  I want to bear my testimony to all of my readers that I know that God is nigh at hand ready and willing to answer our prayers.  I hope you will join me in prayers for Crystal.


9 thoughts on “Because He is faithful too

  1. Praying and reposted the more prayers said it’s my belief the more clear the message gets to our God.. One person can pray, but when many do miracles happen. Praying for her.

  2. I will definitely Pray for Crystal.I’ve never experienced Heart Surgery and hope to never have to.God Bless all of you in this time of great Prayers.God Bless~

  3. Nothing is more powerful than the power of prayer, it works miracles when nothing else can. Crystal will be in my heart and in my prayers tonight and tomorrow morning.

  4. Absolutely! My brother-in-law had heart surgery and the doctors were flabbergasted at his progress – all because He knew it wasn’t the right time to go home! God will be with her, and listening to all our prayers tonight and tomorrow!

  5. Cristy is out, Shes Perfect and sleeping, I love you all, and thank you so much for your prayers, I am convenced it was the only thing that got her through!

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