Finally I’ve re-entered the land of the living

If you read my blog, then you know one of my favorite things to do is take Random Road Trips (RRT’s) with my family.  Well…the last one I took, though much-needed, didn’t turn out to be a good experience in the grand scheme of things.  In fact, I pretty much came home dead.  My youngest darling daughter tested positive for strep throat PLUS had a cold and cough and flu-like symptoms too.  Then there’s that nasty stomach virus that’s still going around…you know the one where your stomach is really angry ALL the time no matter how much cheese or Imodium AD you eat?  Yeah…I had that going on PLUS the cold and cough symptoms.  It is possible to drown in snot…I’ve almost done it several times this last week and a half or so.

Yesterday was the first “mostly” good day I’ve had in over a week.  After taking a shower finally and running a couple of errands I slept the rest of the afternoon.  Those of you who know me well know me and sleep get along kind of like fire and water.  It is, in my humble opinion, a complete waste of time.  Being sick though, I’ve done a lot of sleeping because it’s the only time I feel even remotely close to good.  Well wait…maybe it’s the only time I am not conscious enough to realize how miserable I actually feel.

Anyway whatever it is that I’ve had (my clinical diagnosis is a bad case of the Supuh Nastay),  I think it is FINALLY on the way out.  Today I finally chose the winner of the Sweetheart Blog Hop blog candy I offered.  You may remember it, it was this:

I took all the names of people who left a comment on all three posts and assigned them a number. said the winner was lucky number 2 and in this case that person was Nancy F.  Her comments were these:

In response to Day 1: Very pretty!  Makes me wish I had this particular creative gene…

In response to Day 2: Really like that shade of gray as a contrast color…

In response to Day 3: Looks VERY plush! ; )

Thanks everyone for checking out my projects for the hop and be sure to come back for my next hop March 4-6th.  For a list of hops I’m participating in, check out the hop icons on the right hand side of my blog!  Congrats Nancy F, your prize will be on the way soon!


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