Sometimes you just need to FROG

Those of you that have read my story know that I was put in a place where I had no other option but to just FROG…Fully Rely On God.  It wasn’t what I was expecting to happen when I asked for inspiring experiences that build faith; however, it was exactly what I needed.  Isn’t God fabulous that way?  I know we don’t always think it’s fabulous at the time though, do we?  My last projects were created for a dear friend…this one is too.  In a conversation with her she said “I know the Lord loves me. I just don’t know his will” and it really got me thinking.  I’ve decided I’m not convinced it is necessary that we know the Lord’s will for us, just that we subject ourselves to it.  That we F.R.O.G. trusting that He knows what he’s doing.  Think about ourselves as parents…would we ever deliberately steer our children down a dark or dangerous path?  Would we ever send our child down a path that was sure to end in destruction physically or spiritually?  No, I don’t think we would.  Heavenly Father is a far more loving and perfect parent than any of us and I’m sure He wouldn’t lead us into darkness and despair.  I know someone who would, but this post isn’t about him.  So, to help my friend remember to F.R.O.G. I came up with this:

The card base is from paper that was given to me by a fellow crafter.  I have no idea where it came from beyond that.  The sentiment is computer generated (you do remember I’m a graphic designer right) and the frog comes from Treasure Box Designs.  It is a cute lil critter found in the Treasure Box Pals collection here and is even on sale right now!  YAY!  I used some ink to add dimension to the computer sentiment and the frog itself and used Elmer’s Paper and Craft glue and my ATG to put it all together.  The frog is adhered to the base with a DIY wobble.

Remember…though His ways may not always be known, they are certain so always Fully Rely On God.


7 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need to FROG

  1. How awesome. I’ve never heard of FROG before. And funny enough, perhaps even thanks to fate, I’ve always had a thing for frogs. Like, literally. I’ve collected them for years, and never really knew why. Just love em! And now they really have a whole new meaning for me! So every time I look at all my little collectibles, I will be thinking of your little saying! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. You are such a heart. You are so smart and you have a gentle soul. You post made me cry. You are so dead on about the whole God and parent thing. I know that in those moments when you feel like it is your darkest hour that you truly have to pull yourself out of those thought and and know that your path is directed by God. He has a plan for you and as much as you fight to have control in your life it is God that has control over that path. It is a constant struggle I know. When I was diagnosed over the last yr with breast cancer and chose to have a double mastectomy, it was not the thought of losing my breast that scared me. It was not being here for my son that scared me. I know I made the best choice I could have made, but with the wrong surgeon and that is what I struggle with all too often what should have been 2 surgeries has turned into a 6-7 procedure deal. I still need two more an it has been so difficult. for my son to go through all of this too. But thanks for your post very inspiring and I love the card.

    • Stacey thank you for sharing this with myself and my readers. I have learned (as you apparently already know) that God sometimes takes the scenic scenic route to where He wants us to be but he ALWAYS gets us there no matter what the weather is like. Lord knows I did NOT plan to be where I currently am 5 or 10 years ago…let alone 15 or 20. The life I currently have is certainly not what my “little girl” self dreamed it would be. Funny thing is…there is honestly very little about it that I would change though. I’m sorry your surgeon has done such a horrible job, but I pray you are getting where you should have been all along. I pray you will also be cancer free for the rest of your life! Although 6 letters, cancer really is a four-letter word and I hate it.

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