Now I can be part Becca Feeken

At the risk of being pelted with cyber tomatoes, I am going to make a confession.  I’m kind of over “cute” in my crafting and have diligently sought after more elegant creations.  Among my all time favorite favorites is the work of Becca Feeken from Amazing Paper Grace.  I MUST MUST MUST warn you before you visit her site though…be ready to want everything she has and be prepared to reinvent whatever notions you might have about crafting.  I don’t think anything I’ve ever seen her do is cute.  *GASP*, yeah I went there.  I have lots of words to describe her creations though…here’s a few:  elegant, beautiful works of art, divine, and I’d argue even PERFECT.  She ties the most incredible bows you have ever seen.  I would pay zillions for them and I’m a broke full-time student and single mom…they are just THAT good.  Well…on her blog she has what she calls Becca Bows and Becca Bits and they feature different tips and tricks.  One of them is this:

It’s a great little tool she built all by herself (she’s very proud of it…as she should be its beautiful isn’t it) to aid her in tying peg bows.  You can see a video of this gadget in action by clicking here.  I have dreamed about having something like this of my own since I saw hers.  You see I used to suck horribly at bow tying…then thanks to Love2Smock I became moderately suckish…now though well, with some practice maybe I can be even just 1/4 good at bow tying as Becca is.  Here is my peg bow system thingie…it cost me all of $1.94.

It reminds me of the movie Facing the Giants…you know the line about “it don’t have to look pretty…it can look like a dying duck….”…yeah this is certainly NOT pretty but it DOES function!

I didn’t need the ribbon storage I just needed tons of space to practice.  I opted for more pegs because that way I can work on more than one bow at a time.  I even went and bought some wired ribbon (because that’s what Becca mostly uses) and now I see why it’s her ribbon of choice.  I will likely now have two sets of ribbon…bow ribbon (wired) and card ribbon (regular).  The wire in the ribbon just really helps it hold form and look incredible.

Here are the bows I’ve made thus far:

Finally, here is what a bow looks like on my board:

I’m about to go make some stuff with these bows and likely my Spellbinders and Verve stamps and see if I can make something I like even more than my project for today’s hop!!!  That will be a fun challenge!

So…how did I make my board…I just went to home depot and asked for a remnant piece of wood(yes Becca that IS what it’s called) which they had just mulched so the guy helping me was kind enough to scrounge around for some damaged goods he would have to toss anyway.  It took a while but we finally found a board with a HUGE crack down it and he cut me off the nicest piece…it’s about this big (picture me making the hand motions to show you).  I don’t know the measurements of the board…I’m guessing maybe 6 by 18 or 24 or something I dunno I’m spatially challenged and too lazy to go measure it.    I bought a 3/8 inch dowel (just like Becca did) and asked him to cut it yay big (another hand motion)…I’m guessing it’s about 5 or 6 inches…they could have been a lot shorter and still given me tons of space to work with.  I drilled holes randomly.  I started at 2 inch increments then made a one or two closer than that and one or two bigger than that…I can work on 2 or 3 bows at a time with my board which is great because I need all the practice I can get.  The bows I’ve showed here were tied while I sat on the floor because I was too lazy to go to my craft room (I should really call it a bedroom, but it’s more a scrap room with a bed and a few clothes in it, not the other way around) and I bet tomorrow’s bows will be even better.  I love the ones I just did though and I can’t wait to go put my pretty new bows with some paper and see what I can come up with!

Though I doubt I’ll EVER get as good at bow tying as Miss Becca is, at least I can have a lil part of her talent with me kinda with my rendition of her peg bow helper thingie.


2 thoughts on “Now I can be part Becca Feeken

  1. Totally agree with you my friend. I was kind of getting tired of people saying oh how cute. Although that isn’t totally a bad thing, I really wanted people to say wow that’s beautiful or really pretty and then I realized it didn’t matter what they said. It mattered what I liked and what was esthetically pleasing to me and then I realized I don’t LOVE cute like I LOVE vintage and more art. So yeah off my soap box but your projects are always amazing! Soooo keep on inspiring!

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