The Pillow of Inspiration

Today has really been a blah kind of day for me and I didn’t much feel like being online so I decided to get my KUH LEEN on in my scred room (scrap and bedroom combined).  I’m paying for that decision now though (Thanks Ms. Turner…my back has never been the same since you failed to yield) and decided to take a break to blog about an experience I had today while cleaning up.

Usually any blogging I do that is not craft related, I do at the proper link.  This entry should be put on the Live Faithfule page (maybe even the Praise Faithfule page) but it’s here instead…I guess it’s kind of crafty…sort of.

If you’ve kept up with me on Facebook then you know that I just moved into my own place and finally have a bed again.  It’s been years (yes with an S plural) since I’ve slept in a bed on a regular basis.  The last one I slept in gave me nightmares so I gave it away.  Until about two weeks ago, I didn’t have a real bed at all.  I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a real bed again.  At any rate…today my bed inspired me and made me smile…it does that a lot actually.

Today though…it was just marvelous.  As I felt my energy wane and was reminded of how long I’ve cleaned my scred room without it being DONE done I looked around trying to gain a visual feeling of accomplishment and saw this:

Isn’t it pretty?  I love everything about my bed now…the mattress support included in the box is MDF and super cheap (either that or maybe I’m just fatter than I think…how ’bout we just go with super cheap k?) and cracked after 1 sleep.  BOO!  I managed to sort of kinda jerry-rig the support so I could still sleep in my bed until I finally got to the hardware store a couple of days ago and bought some plywood.  It’s pretty much perfect now.

Anyway, so as I was busy cleaning up my scred room, I found another pillow case that went with my bed PERFECTLY and decided I’d make my bed…not something I typically do.  It looked so good when I was done I had to photograph it (I think I just secretly love my new camera and look for reasons to take random photos LOL).  Today the only thing that gave me more joy than looking at my bed was finally getting to talk to my oldest child.  I have really missed her and hearing her voice today was the highlight of the day…well that and my pretty bed.

So now I’m sure you’re probably thinking huh…so how is this crafty kind of?  Well check out this bag of bows I’ve gotten all tied up just waiting for projects to adorn:

Is it at all plausible that my pillows inspired the bow in the middle of this bag…very much so.  Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest places.  I’ll be back later tonight or tomorrow with a card featuring my pillow inspired bow.


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