My Heart Finally Belongs To Daddy

You remember I said I was addicted to hops right?  Well this one is SUPER special to me because it’s being hosted by Jen from Scrappin Lil Turtle in honor of her Dad.  Like Jen, I am a total and complete Daddy’s girl and my heart belongs to him forever.  It hasn’t always been that way.  I’ll tell you that story in a second.  First though, let’s make sure you are on the right track.  You should have arrived here from Alina’s blog.  If not, go back to Scrappin Lil Turtle and start at the beginning.  Jen has a really great line-up of very talented ladies participating in this hop!  Ok…now that story.

According to, the word dad means an informal name for father.  Well, by this definition, my heart could never belong to Daddy and it would be difficult to take part in this hop.  If I were to make a project to honor my father, it would have a paper doll on the front holding some jeans and say “thank you” on the inside I’d put “for my genes” because that’s pretty much all my father has ever done for me.  There is however, a man I revere as my Dad.  His name is Daddy…ha ha ha other people call him David.

Let me just tell you a bit about him…

There is no reason he should be my dad and my heart should belong to him, but it does.  We met at church.  He was my Home Teacher’s 1st counselor (kind of like an assistant) and when my Home Teacher went out-of-town for a while he asked my Dad to look after my family.  That was the beginning of what I hope is a VERY long relationship (are you reading this Daddy…take GOOD care of yourself so we can have you around for a LONG long time!).  Over time, my Dad and I spent a lot of time together and grew very close.  One day my children asked me if I thought they would mind if I they started calling him Grandpa.  I told my kids they’d have to ask him…David didn’t mind, instead he was honored.  And, if he was “Grandpa” to my kids then it goes without saying that would make him essentially Dad to me.

Even though I already felt that way about him in my heart, we hadn’t yet “titled” our relationship..not until that day anyway.  Since then my Daddy and I have grown closer and closer and I adore him.  He makes a daily difference in my life, but about 2 years ago he said something to me that has forever changed my perspective of things and it’s worth sharing with all of you.  He said to me something like (I remember the essence of his statement not the exact words) “when you can trust God as much as he trusts you, you will no longer have to live in fear” and he has been correct.  You see when Dad and I first met, it was just weeks after I fled my violent ex-husband and there was a lot in life to be afraid of.  After Daddy told me this,  I started to look at things a lot differently and it’s often made all the difference.

So…though I didn’t give my heart to my Daddy until I was in my 30’s, it is now his unapologetically.  Though I’m not certain he even realizes it, his influence in my life will impact my family for generations and I am grateful to have him in my life.  He is the only person (not related to me by DNA) I can ever remember loving so intensely it can bring tears to my eyes just thinking about the depth of emotion I feel for them.  He is without a doubt, the most amazing thing to have happened to my children and I since leaving my ex.  I feel blessed to know him and lucky to love and be loved by him.

My Daddy’s birthday is April 5th and I made this card just for him.  Red is his favorite color and we often joke about him being old-school so I’m sure he will love it.  Daddy it’s in the mail, so watch for it!

One of my Daddy’s favorite things is the peanut butter fudge my daughter makes.  Since we will be making some to send to him anyway, I have decided to give away the recipe and a batch of peanut butter fudge.  To be eligible to win, please leave a comment on this post telling me who your heart belongs to and why.  I’m going to ask my Daddy to choose the winner based on the story he likes the best. Next up along this hop is Jessica from That’s Uneek.  I hope you enjoy this hop, Jen thanks so much for hosting it, even if writing this post made me tear up a little.

And to my Dad I want to just say this:  I love you…you know this, but I want to tell you again.  I am eternally grateful for all you are in our lives and all you encourage, inspire, and support us to become.  One of the greatest gifts Heavenly Father has ever given us is you!  Thank you for your influence and love and for safe-guarding our hearts after we gave them to you!  You have helped restore our faith in so many things and a large part of who we have become is because of you.  I hope you had a birthday as magnificent as you!


19 thoughts on “My Heart Finally Belongs To Daddy

  1. Thanks so much for the hop and sharing…

    I have a dad and for most of my childhood he was there for me… he was a workaholic and kind to us kids… he helped instill so many great values and work ethic… he always made sure we had a personal relationship with Christ and that God was our first and personal father too…

    Well about 10 years ago, some bad things happened to my father and he fell apart in so many ways… lots of disappointments and hurts … I was not sure he was the man I wanted for a father anymore… but through everything God was and always has been my father… In the last couple of years my father has really made an effort and has turned his life around. That part that never wanted him anymore has let him in… It is a long journey… but my faith in my Heavenly Father is teaching me and allowing me to accept my Earthly Father. One day at a time…

    Thanks for the hop! pjritsema at gmail dot com

  2. Your heart is so truly that of God’s child. I admire your bravery and taking one day at a time. So true that with God, it is all good. A wonderful blessing to have David in your life. And kids just know these things–for them to want to call him gpa.

    My heart belongs to my 6.5 yr old son. He is quite the struggle on a daily basis. He also, and more so, is fun, creative, intelligent, tenacious and can be so loving. My heart would rip in two if I ever lost him. I know God has some wonderful plans for my boy. I am already so proud of him at such a young age.

    Thank you for sharing in this honorable hop with Jennifer and for sharing this part of your family.
    Write soon friend.

  3. My heart belongs to my husband who is a great Dad. He does wonderful things with my daughter, helps with the housework, plans awesome vacations, and generally keeps things together for us. Lovely card and story about your Dad.

  4. I am in awe of this faithful woman, and of her children who call me Grandpa. They have buoyed my soul and enlivened my hope as I’ve watched and interacted with them. They are one of the greatest example’s in my life. Yes, indeed I love them.

  5. Wow, what a story. My heart has always belonged to my Dad. I was his Father’s Day present 52 years ago. Every birthday I had that fell on a Sunday we would plan to share our special day together either going to the zoo, the beach or having a wonderful BBQ in the backyard. He has been gone now for 14 years and I truly miss our special time together. I visit his grave and have a talk with him ever Father’s day now.
    Katsews at gmail dotcom

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