The Gods Must be Listening

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As many of you know, I returned to crafting after a long hiatus as a way to cope with one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done…leaving my violent ex-husband. Crafting often takes my mind off the day-to-day struggle and helped remind me of all the blessings I’ve had since leaving him. Unfortunately, I can no longer say that crafting is cheaper than therapy and, though I have amassed an impressive amount of stuff, I still have lots of things on my “wish-list”.  One of them was a new cutting machine.

I have a Cricut Expression and it was great for about oh 6 months then I got bored with it.  My Dad bought me SCAL and once I got that program, I found myself really wanting more from a cutting machine.  That and I seldom had huge interest in the limitations cartridges had to offer.   As a graphic designer, I love how SCAL let’s me combine my digital designs with my love of paper.  I was looking into buying MTC too (because it offers some features SCAL doesn’t) when I found out about the Provo Craft lawsuit against MTC and the resulting settlement agreement mandating MTC no longer support Cricut.

I already had a growing list of issues with Provo Craft. Some of them include exceptionally long hold times, less than knowledgeable customer service agents, features and services that were promised and not delivered, more and more machines coming out and having issues up the wazoo, and a gut feeling that the idea for the Cricut Cake was stolen from Linda McClure. The cutter’s limitations, cartridge after cartridge being released that was “cute” done all over again, plus all those issues I mentioned (and some that I didn’t), coupled with PC filing suit against MTC, SCAL, and now the Bug Magazine has left me unwilling to spend anymore of my limited funds on PC products.

I’ve researched other cutters for more than a year and finally decided I wanted the Purpleberry eCraft from Craftwell. I’ve watched every video that Craftwell has created on this machine (several times), I’ve watched many videos posted by other crafters who already have the eCraft (and tried really hard not to drool on my screen), and I have prayed to the Crafting Gods for the resources to get this machine (or to have a secret admirer/angel that would just send me one out of the kindness of their heart). I mean what’s not to love about a rechargeable battery option, mat-less cutting, wood veneer cutting, unlimited length (the machine is 12 x infinity), pen/marker and blade in the same housing (or trolley as Craftwell calls it ) so there’s no having to swap it out, the ability to cut SVG’s using their software or SCAL/MTC, smaller, easier to store SD cards instead of cartridges that contain images AND a font (unless you buy a font-only card), elegant images, the amazing purple color (no need to paint it YAY!!!), and well the list is endless. As a graphic designer with limited financial resources, the eCraft is right up my alley. If an SD card doesn’t have the image I want, I can buy images from eCraft Central or make/download my own SVG’s. It is comparable in price to the Cricut Expression (cheaper even depending on where you get it) and it comes in purple…wait I mentioned that already didn’t I?

Well, I am pleased to report that the Crafting Gods were listening and must have decided I needed a secret admirer because UPS delivered this to me yesterday:

UMMMMMMMMMMMMM….I chose to only be moderately excited because maybe it wasn’t an eCraft in the box…imagine my surprise when there was this:

WOW!  That’s all I can say is wow…I searched and searched, but there was no gift message on the shipping label, there was no letter or card inside the box, there was no letter to match it in my mailbox…nothing!

  Though video-making is not my strength, here’s one of me opening and setting it up and comes complete with my first cut and everything:

I’m zoomed in too tight…I’ll fix that in future videos.

Thank you Secret Admirer/Angel, whoever you are…I greatly appreciate your generosity and can’t wait to show you what I can make this machine do!


5 thoughts on “The Gods Must be Listening

  1. That is awesome!!!!!! You have lots of angels and secret admirers!!!!!!! Enjoy your new machine and I can’t wait to see what you create!!!


  2. Wow! Someone knows you very well and wants you to have this outlet to being you happiness. I am excited for you. It will be fun to watch you use the eCraft. If I were starting new I’d have to consider this machine. (But I love my Pazzles!)

    (The play will not click for your two new videos???)

    • Krista I’ll check the videos…others haven’t had trouble using them. You can find me on You Tube though just look for my bog name. And yes, someone certainly finds me deserving and wanted to contribute to my happiness. I’ve never met my SA either so that’s really saying a lot I think! I may get a Pazzles if my settlement comes in before their special deal is over.

  3. Too cool! Do you like this better than the cricut? Are you able to cut chipboard using this? How about welding, to create wordbooks? Definitely something I would consider gettting, instead of upgrading my cricut (when I get to that point)…Congratulations on your new toy, definitely someone was very generous and thinks very highly of your work!…Wish I could find a friend like that…ha ha…

    • Yes I like it much better than a Cricut. I wish I had bought this first…then there would have been no need for a Cricut. You can weld with 3rd party software to create wordbooks. It works with SCAL or MTC. Thank you for the congrats…I’m so in love with this new toy it’s not funny. As far as how it cuts chipboard…well we are about to find out!

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