Together we can make a difference

When I was young, I remember staying in a battered woman’s shelter.  I only VAGUELY remember it.  Someone I met there though has become my oldest and dearest friend.  In fact…we’re much more like sisters now than we are friends.  Verizon…I ♥ you so much and am so blessed to have you in my life.  Even if we don’t spend much time together anymore I am still so glad I have you.

Those of you familiar with my story know that I survived a domestic violence situation.  It almost destroyed my children and I and I am so glad we made it through.  One of the things we didn’t have when we first started our journey to recovery was someone to talk to who had been through it before and come out on top.  We were kind of the pioneers in this area and it was a really big adjustment in a lot of areas.  Often I wish I had just a card, a letter, or a phone call from another survivor.  Someone who had been where I had been and was now where I wanted to be.  That sort of thing would have been invaluable while I was going through the darkest times of my experience.

I want to be that supportive voice/note/person to help another woman get through her experience.  I have been able to touch the lives of a few women in similar circumstances, but I really believe there is much more that I can do and I’m calling on all of my crafty friends to help.  Purple is not just my favorite color, it is also the color for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  It is now the inspiration for my Royal Purple Freedom Hop that I am hosting June 10th.  June 9th is my Independence Day…it marks three years since my divorce was final and we celebrate this day every year.  This year, the Lord has placed the desire to celebrate it grander than EVER before on my heart.  To kick this celebration off, this morning I made this card to remind me (and others) that I survived:

The card base is from a new K&Company stack I just got at Joann’s and I’m too lazy to go get it and tell you what it is.  The dark purple is Core’dinations, and the light purple (which may look white), is Colorbok.  I used my Race For the Cure stamps from Emma at My Creative Time, some bling, a couple of flowers, some twine and voilà here it is.

To celebrate being a survivor and give back to those who aren’t yet where they want to be, I am hosting a purple themed hop on June 10th.  You will see several different participants who all make a purple themed card.  While they may have other colors involved, purple will be the main theme (so if you’re a purple lover like me you’ll love it) and each of their cards will be sent to me to give to a woman in need.

I have chosen to give the cards I receive to the Bradley Angle House, the shelter I was in as a child.  And, while this is a fabulous way to support the shelter, I have recently learned that a $250 donation allows 6 families the opportunity to begin their journey to recovery.  My goal is to raise $1,000.  To help entice all of you to help me with this goal, here’s what will happen.

I will have a post office box address posted this week.  The grand prize for my hop blog candy will be a basket of stuff valued at least $50.  Yes you read that right…at LEAST $50.  To enter the drawing for the main prize, you will need to create your own purple themed card and write a love note to a woman inside.  Something that will help her hold onto hope, find faith, or stay courageous.  Everyone who sends a card gets an entry, but it doesn’t end there.  If  you send a donation in your card, you will receive an extra basket entry for each dollar donation you make.  Donate $100, receive 100 entries.  I will have pictures of the basket just as soon as I collect all the things for it and get it created.

I hope you will help me reach my goal to enable 24 new families a chance at recovery!


8 thoughts on “Together we can make a difference

  1. This is Awesome Faith! I’m glad that I can be a part of this blog hop with you for a great cause! By the way, June 8 is also my divorce anniversary! I wasn’t physically abused, but I was abused mentally and emotionally and that hurts just as bad if not worse. Congrats to you for getting out of something like that because some women just can’t and it ends up taking their lives!

  2. You are an amazing woman Faith! I just read your story and I am so glad you had the courage to leave! My ex-husband had a temper and only assaulted me once. I am grateful that I escaped that marriage with my son and never looked back. He was not abusive until after I said I wanted out. So I am in NO WAY in the same situation as you, but I do know about the fear you described! No one has the right to instill fear like that!!!

    I am so glad you are using your personal experience to help others!!

    • Thank you Lori. I don’t think there’s much amazing about me. I’ve just done what had to be done is all. I live in a lot less fear now than I used to but there are still some times I have an anxiety attack. Unfortunately there is one place in the world that always triggers one (even if they are much smaller now) and there is no way around being there sometimes. I just know how alone I felt through this whole process and am hoping I can help alleviate that same feeling for a few others.

  3. I just read your story and had no idea what you had to deal with. I was married for almost 24 yrs before I just couldn’t take it anymore, I was not abused physically, but emotionally and verbally. It was just getting worse and worse in front of kids and even lots of yelling at them as well by their father so I said to myself enough is enough. I too, am celebrating my anniversary of my divorce of 5yrs now and I am so happy now so I would love to be part of this hop with you my friend.

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