Which ink ya think?

I am still a stamping baby more or less (have only been REALLY doing it for like the last 18 months or so), but even I know not all ink is created equal.  Which do you prefer?  If you choose other, can you please leave me a comment letting me know what kind?  Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Which ink ya think?

  1. I have to watch my pennies and I’m a recently new stamper as well, so I almost exclusively have Studio G inks. I love the way they come out! I would LOVE to be able to afford Colorbox because the colors are so vivid. I also have a few Martha Stewart inks and they have really nice color too.

  2. I love my stampin’ up inks and then they have cardstock to match 🙂 plus they have so many colors I’m sure you can find what ever you need. I also like Tim Holtz’s distressing inks also

  3. Faith, I am a stamping veteran, and while I prefer CTMH I will say that TYPE of ink is more important than brand as long as you are buying a reputable brand. Dye inks (like CTMH) dry quickly so are best for most general application. Pigment inks (SU! calls theirs craft ink) are generally more intense in color but take forever to dry – they need to be embossed or heat set for faster drying. “Distress” inks are thinner consistency and more suitable for edging and distressing (duh, lol), but regular dye inks are also suited to this purpose. Archival inks will not run or bleed if they get wet, so are great to use with water based coloring tools. There are also chalk inks, embossing ink, solvent ink, and probably more. I’m sure I gave you way more info than you were really looking for, but if you need any more help feel free to ask me!

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