Royal Purple Winners!!!!

As you may recall, sponsorship for this hop was HUGE!  In addition to the big prizes mentioned here, there were also enough prizes to award a dozen readers some blog candy.  I plugged all the prizes into a numbered spreadsheet, chose 12 random winners using and then used this same site to pick random prizes for the winners.  So, in random order, here are the winners:

Gabby Free – Just  A Little Peach

Percilla – I’m Turning Pail

Denise Ruck – Just A Little Peach

Dee Burns – KK Scapes 8 x 8 Paper Pack

Jann Schott – Grab Your Cutters

Susan Bermudez – Just A Little Peach

Diana L. – Just A Little Peach

Alesia Fowler – KK Scapes 8 x 8 Paper Pack

Gaby Creates – Just A Little Peach

Lori Comeau – Just A Little Peach

Krista Peterson Hong – Just A Little Peach

Kimmarie Baker – Paper Bag Album Kit

THIS JUST IN!!!!  Susan was in my hop and has decided she wants to split her prize.  Congratulations to Silvia Haynes who also gets a lil peachy love thanks to Susan’s generosity!  And, knowing my hop line-up the way I do, I suspect that a few more of them that have won blog candy will decline so there may still be winners yet.  Don’t forget, you can get your chance at the BIG prizes by sending a purple themed card with a hand written note inside to the following address:

Royal Purple Hop

c/o Vicki Smith

P.O. Box 1496

Millbrook, NY 12545


You’re cards MUST be postmarked by June 30th, 2011 for entry.  If you feel inclined to do so, we’d love to have you send a few cards.  Most of our hop line-up is making a dozen or more.  I myself am making 24.  The more the merrier I say.  You receive extra entries into the basket drawings by making a donation.  You can send cash or a check or money order (made payable to Bradley Angle House).  Whichever is easier for you and we thank you kindly in advance for your support of our cause!

Congratulations to all of our winners!  Please contact me with a mailing address to send your prize too!  I can’t wait to see who the grand prize winners will be!


7 thoughts on “Royal Purple Winners!!!!

  1. Yes, Dear Faith. Please pass my prize on to a new name that you do not recognize (or to Monica–since she is starting fresh).
    It will be so exciting when time comes to draw for the grand prize basket! Don’t you wish you could be with the winner when you announce it? You’ll have to encourage her/him to tell what she said/felt when she learned she won!!

  2. Congrats to all the winners!!!!
    I am one of them. Thank you for the opportunity to win something Send me your E-mail address Faith (I could not find it)- So I can send you the address.

  3. Congrats to the winners. Krista you are wonderful person. What a great groups of ladies this hop was. Monica I am very proud of you and know how hard it is right now. I just left 9 months ago if you need someone to talk to just email and if you would like my phone number I will share that too

  4. Good morning Faith
    I hope you are havng a wonderful day
    I am so excited that I am one of your winners
    However I am unsure how to get you my information
    Congrats to the rest of the winners

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