Royal Winners Addendum

As I figured, Krista has asked I re-gift her prize.  She said “Yes, Dear Faith. Please pass my prize on to a new name that you do not recognize (or to Monica–since she is starting fresh).  It will be so exciting when time comes to draw for the grand prize basket! Don’t you wish you could be with the winner when you announce it? You’ll have to encourage her/him to tell what she said/felt when she learned she won!!”

Let me explain something about this hop…it has given one of the members of our line-up the courage to leave!  We are SO proud of you Monica!!!!!  I know that Monica has tons of scrappy stuff and so, per Krista’s request, I’m choosing another winner.  A name that I do not recognize is:

Rexann who said “Oh Faith You are Really An Angel for Bringing this Horrible DV Into the spotlite! There are more than we really know enduring this! I as well have been there! I can relate with you and the others! You have really Made my day By doing this Hop!! I am making some cards and donating money as well! My favorite card that Inspired me the most was Deborah’s from scrappingmamma’s. Thanks for an awesome hop and good luck on your Card Entry!”

Congratulations Rexann, please contact me with an address so that I can get your prize out.


3 thoughts on “Royal Winners Addendum

  1. Oh my Gosh I won?? Thank you so much…I have finished my cards and got 12 done!! I was going to post them on my blog..Would that be ok? I am so excited and can not wait to see what I won!! Thanks so Much!!

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