Today, while my sick and afflicted wee ones slept I started organizing my Scred Room a little more.  A week or so ago I got this brilliant idea that I could maybe use curtain rods for ribbon holders and just screw them to the wall.  Well, the brackets that came with the curtain rods weren’t wide enough and the rods didn’t stick off the wall far enough so I had to go back to the drawing board.  Then I saw these:

These are officially called “Mainstays Double Curtain Rod Support”  and each package comes with two of them for .96 cents.  The curtain rods I got were like 2.67 a pkg or something like that.  When I hang more I will just use a dowel…cheaper that way.

Here’s how it looks holding some of my ribbon:

So then I took a step back and looked at the entire ensemble and saw this:

Ha ha ha…everything is off-center!  I LOVE IT!  This is just one of many reminders that I am free of the abuse and chaos that IS (I’d like to say was but he’s still demonstrating some abusive tendencies) my ex-husband.  I can swap out the top light on the purple crate for my camera when I’m ready to film a video (or put the camera below the light on the crate) and the light is there for my light box when I need to photograph a project.  The purple crate isn’t center to the shelf, nor are the brackets it sits on for that matter.  The ribbon storage isn’t either and the table is only “marginally” centered under the shelf.  It’s perfect though…really perfect.

In the days of life with my ex husband, everything would have to be precisely level and centered and balanced and he’d have to have done it himself to make sure it was just so.  I look at this picture and all the off-centerednes and all I can see is a bunch of reasons to smile!


3 thoughts on “Off-Center

  1. Wow – this is fabulous! Not just the ribbon idea – love that and I am going to copy it if you don’t mind – but also your comments about being free to have things off center! I am proud of you and it makes me smile that you are smiling 🙂

  2. I am proud that you can see past him now. being perfect is not all that perfect. I love the idea of the dowels for ribbon….. I had a husband that was mentally and verbally abusing me and it is just as bad… my poor husband NOW sometimes pays for it with comments …. and he doesn’t mean to make it bad…. so keep smiling!!!

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