February 22nd, 2011 ~ Even the gas in my car matters to Him

I know that sounds silly but it’s really true actually.  Heavenly Father cares about me so much that even the gas in my car matters to him.  Allow me to explain…

Last Summer (well Spring actually), the kidlets and I took a trip to Palmyra (click here for that experience).  While there, the gas gauge got REALLY low.  I mean luhhhhhhhhh oh!  There wasn’t a gas station to be found anywhere and we were trying to navigate to our hotel.  I said a prayer and asked God to bless my car with enough gas to get us safely to a gas station.  I know I can drive about 30 miles with no problems after the gas light comes on…that day I must have gone more like 65 or 70 before finally coming across a service station.  So you see…God cares about even the gas in my car.

Now if I would have had just this one experience about the gas in my car I might be inclined to say it was just coincidence…well if I believed in coincidence anyway.  As a single parent who is going to school full-time and reliant upon a reliably unreliable ex for support, money is so tight my pocket-book squeaks most of the time.  If it weren’t for grand things like coupons, sales, and tax returns, I wouldn’t even be able to enjoy expressing my creativity through crafting.  I certainly can’t keep up with the Jones’ in that arena either.  Oh well I enjoy what I can get anyway and I just realized I’m digressing.

So…with that squeaky pocket-book of mine, I have to get every single drop out of every penny I can.  Often this means limiting my trips and trying to make a tank of gas last two weeks.  More than once, I have found myself without financial means and the gas light comes on.  I’ve prayed over it and seen the gauge rise before my very eyes…my kids have seen it too.  Again I tell you…God cares about even the gas in our cars.

Recently it occurred to me that it’s likely not actually the gas in my car that He cares about, but me personally.  Not having gas in my car leaves me stranded and I have a lot of responsibilities that would make being unable to drive a huge imposition.  He cares about me enough to know and understand each squeak of my pocket-book and He cares about me enough to answer my prayers, even when they are about gas.  In prayers about gas I’ve found increased faith.

If God cares enough to answer my prayers over gas, I can rest assured He cares enough to answer my prayers about my children or my nephew or my sister or my mother or my prayers about…(fill in the blank).  As I’ve prayed over gas, I’ve learned that some prayers need an immediate answer (like gas) while others may take a little more time.  Not because they aren’t as important but because they are more important.

When I spoke to my Dad recently about some blessings that are FINALLY coming my way he said something like “see you just needed to wade in the river a little longer”.  I waded in the river to the point of exhaustion and more often than not, I thought I would be swept out to sea by the current.  Now though, I have been blessed with several options, when just a short time ago I had none.

As I prayed about gas, I’ve realized that huge answers often come from obedience to smaller lessons we learn along the way.  I’ve also learned that no prayer is too insignificant and I’ve learned that God can and will intervene when we call on Him as long as the desires of our hearts are righteous.  What’s righteous about gas right?  Well, when I’ve prayed over it, it’s been so that we didn’t end up stranded in an unsafe or unfamiliar place, or so that I can get the kids all the places they need to go, or so that we can make it to church and things of this nature.  And, He has never disappointed.

With answering my prayers about gas though, He has also used that to teach me or maybe remind me of some lessons.  Though I’ve actually seen the gauge rise a little, it’s never risen to full.  This has taught me that we can get through with just a little hope and faith in Him.  It has reinforced that He is here to do for us what we cannot to do for ourselves, but He won’t give us more than we need.  It’s always very interesting to me the way that God teaches us and lately I’ve found lessons in the strangest of places.

Right now life is difficult.  The decision to move home has been a good one, but has also come with some huge setbacks and I’ve asked Heavenly Father for some big things, at least they are big to me anyway.  I have often felt like He has ignored my requests.  If it weren’t for Him answering little prayers (like those imploring His help in making the gas last till I have monies to fill up again), I wouldn’t have much hope in receiving answers to prayers.  And, as I write this, I’ve also learned He has kept my “spiritual gas” (or energy) tank filled just enough to keep me going and get me through until such time as I can fill the tank without any repercussions.  That time is drawing near and I’m so thankful the God I serve and love has shown me He cares about my gas.


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