September 24, 2010 ~ New Beginnings Continued

So where were we again…oh yeah I remember.  Nebraskan adventures.  First let me explain how it is we had such an adventure.  I met Loves2Smock on the Cricut Message board.  Back in the day when I first got my machine and went a little crazy with wanting to see and do all things Cricut.  That board consumed the majority of my existence for a while, but I’ve finally been able to wean myself and spend time doing more productive things.  Loves2Smock was the host of a swap I participated in and I soon discovered she was LDS like me.  That discovery fostered the beginning of what I know will be an eternal friendship and so when life took me west again, Loves2Smock and her Wookie opened up their home to us for a few days.  Some of the highlights – Loves2Smock and I took a trip to Archiver’s, one of our favorite scrapbooking places (man I miss that place *sniff*), Wookie treated me to a Runza (SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good…watch Eat Faithfule for a recipe and pictures later on next month) and most important, Loves2Smock accompanied us to the Mormon Trail Visitors Center and Winter Quarters Temple.

We probably set a record for quickest tour through the Visitors Center as we got there just before closing, but the impression hasn’t been lost on my children.  While there, they got to pull a hand cart over some rocks in the Visitors Center in effort to give them a tiny semblance of what the pioneers experienced.  They all decided it was rough and are glad they weren’t pioneers.  They have all found a love for the gospel at such a young age; experiences like this cement their testimonies and I am grateful to be able to experience it all with them.  After the quickest tour ever, we went across the street to the temple.  Here are some of the pictures from that experience:

With one missing, there’s 10 children born to two women! WOW!

Loves2Smock said it best: I know they were told to fold their arms…but I totally can see the caption, “I aint gettin on the top bunk, YOU get on the top bunk.”
Pulling a handcart
Yes they are ALL ours!
Train up a child…at the door to the Winter Quarters Temple.
Winter Quarters Temple
I love these windows…so pretty.

Case De Double U was a nice stop along the way.  Because of the charity and love shown by Loves2Smock and Wookie, we could rest without the expense of a hotel.  I was able to get in some good quality “adult” time…something I had missed for longer than I care to admit and the kids were able to have a great time laughing and playing.  I don’t know how the kids at Case De Double U feel, but mine can’t wait to go back.  One would even like to move there!


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