Sometimes less is more

As parents we often get stuck doing things we don’t enjoy just because they are either necessary or good for the family.  Today is one of those days for me…we are soon headed out to spend the day at the zoo.  Oh goody…can you hear my sarcasm?  It’s gonna be 85 today and I don’t do well in the heat.  Sure, it’s not as hot as some places are in this country right now but it’s still 10 degrees hotter than I like having it.  Plus there’s the whole animal thing (my favorite animals are on tv or in pictures), and then the kids aren’t using their listening ears very well either so that is pretty aggravating too.  Nonetheless, we are still heading out and I’m praying the experience isn’t one we all wind up dreading.

I guess it’s my fault I’m aggravated…I walked into my room to make a quick card and all hell broke loose while I was distracted.  I know I know…what was I thinking wanting some time to myself right?  At any rate, here’s a super quick fast easy card I made using the All About Girls mat stack from DCWV and Positive Thoughts stamps from K Andrew Designs.

See…I told you, sometimes less is more!


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