What are the odds?

I’ll tell ya…they are about 6 in 200 and I’m so excited I can barely type!  That’s saying a lot cuz I type pretty stinkin’ fast folks!  Oh…breathe…1…2…3…in through the nose, out through the mouth.

So….there was a recent DT call over at my girlfriend Kristal’s blog and I FINALLY got the courage to apply like the second to the last day before the deadline.  I know you know Kristal’s work…you’ve seen it on several of my recent projects, she sponsored my bog hop (which I will be choosing winners for very soon), and I talk about her all the time on Facebook (it’s only good though I promise Kristal).  Anyway…so as I was napping I get the most glorious text from another of my Crafty Sistah’s asking if I have seen Kristal’s blog.  I found myself suddenly wide awake and on my way….this is what I saw when I got there (you KNOW I had to take a screen shot):

Yep folks…that’s right….out of nearly 200 applicants, Kristal chose ME to round out her 6 new DT spots.  I’m sooooooooooo excited about this!  Kristal is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever known.  She is a beautiful example of charity, the pure love of Christ and one of the most genuine souls ever.  It is an esteemed pleasure and honor to have been selected to officially represent her and her amazing stamps.  I just hope I will do them both the justice they deserve.  Please be sure to join us August 19th for a K Andrew Design Company blog hop!  It will be PHENOMENAL because well…that’s just how Kristal goes it!

KRISTAL:  I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for you to narrow it down to just 6 participants, but am honored you have found me worthy of one of those slots.  I’m anxious to pull out my A-game and help you and stamps shine like the stars you are!  I am really so honored and blessed to know you, and now work with you!  Thank you for choosing me to be a part of  the team, but more importantly, thank you for the  woman you are and the inspiration you inspire me to become!


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