Let’s get tipsy for the 150th!

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve had 150 posts in less than a year. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot considering if I posted at least once daily I’d have…ha ha ha I almost had to go for the calculator.  It’s a lot for me because one, I don’t post everything I create, I have about 50-11 full-time jobs and only 24 hours a day, and well I just think it’s a lot.

While I can blow a wad of cash in seconds just like the next chick, I tend to be super frugal…ok I’ll say it.  I’m super cheap.  I seldom to never buy anything crafty over $5 without a coupon unless it’s on-sale and I can’t use a coupon for it (and even then it has to be a super good deal), I don’t buy paper unless stacks or open stock paper is on sale somewhere, I buy the off-brand of cereal, bread, mac n cheese, and many other things, I limit driving so I can make the gas in my tank last as long as possible,  I wash everything on cold so I don’t have to sort it and can wash fewer loads, I have my sister bring me gloves for inking and messy craft projects so I don’t have to buy them, I made my own light box so I didn’t have to buy one…you know that kinda cheap.

So when it comes to crafting, I’m always looking for ways I can make things cheaper.    Let’s face it…this is not a cheap hobby at all.  This is why I make my own glimmer mist and glue dots and other things.  On a recent trip to the Dollar Store, I saw these giant sponges:

I looked at my youngest daughter (who I craft with most often) and said….”hey you know what…I bet I could cut these up and use them for inking sponges” so we grabbed two of them.  I was able to cut one sponge into 23 pieces and they work beautifully for inking (I like  BIG inking sponge so I could have cut more than just 23 easily).   I prefer the Ranger inking tool with the rectangle foam pad but 10 pads are about 5 bucks.  Even with a coupon, it’s never going to be as cheap as 23 for a buck.  So, if you don’t mind doing some hand cutting for a couple of minutes, this might save YOU some money too!


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