Blessed in the comings and the goings

There’s a scripture in Deuteronomy 28:6 that says “Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out.”  I haven’t taken the time to look up the context of this scripture, but for today, I really don’t need to.  As I left out the door to go to my first “real” job in a long time (I mean because single parenting, full-time school, and full-time child care for my nephews isn’t real work right?), I was truly blessed to be going out.  The kids were on my nerves, the house was trashed, the kids were on my nerves, I needed a break from the kids who were on my nerves, did I mention the kids were really on my nerves?  Ok…good I’m glad we’re clear on that much.

I left an hour before my shift just in case there was traffic and arrived 23 minutes early.  This commute I have has been totally hit and miss I’m telling you.  I was blessed going out in that there was no traffic, I took a slightly different route and didn’t get lost, and Mr. Larry was there.  He makes me laugh.  I was blessed going out because I’m really good at my job, my customers love me (several said as much), I caught on to the register quick (even if it IS a female and you gotta push all the right buttons in the right order or it yells at you), did I mention my customers love me?  One commented on how much she liked my attitude and another (the 90 trillion year old Ms. Sanders) even hugged me.  She comes in regularly on Tuesdays…Tuesday might be my new favorite day to work.

And then, when I got home, what I “camest into” (yes I know that’s not very proper but…) was this:  (please click  on the pictures to see them larger)

But my friends…it doesn’t end there.  The house was IMMACULATE.  I mean it was SUPER clean…not even a “clean considering”…my kiddos outdid themselves.  On the floor in front of me were flower petals (go ahead you can say it…awwwwwwww) and to my right was dinner dished and waiting on the kitchen table.  I was led down the hall to my bedroom where my little Tiva had completely cleaned and reorganized my Scred room (organization is one of her God-given talents…I’m glad He gave her to me because it isn’t mine).  Laundry was done, the bathroom was clean, the living room and kitchen were clean, pretty much the messiest  thing in my house when I walked in was my desk (I can hear my B Cubed gasping…messy desks annoy him)…they are even cleaning up after dinner as I type this and I have been scheduled for a “pampering session” to boot.

Blessed when I come in and when I go out…yeah, I’ll say!


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