Though there are clouds, the mountain still exists

I live in arguably one of the most profoundly beautiful places there can ever be.  Countless rivers, lakes, mountains and hills dot my everyday landscape.  Oh yes and trees.  Lots and lots of beautiful richly colored trees in shades ranging from silver to deep green and everything in between.  Just a couple of hours East or West lie the mountains or the ocean so basically you can have year round outdoor activity rain or shine.  Hiking, skiing, surfing, sailing, boating, fishing, hunting, rock climbing, cave exploration, the list of things you can do outdoors here is endless.

One of my favorite things to do is take in the scenery.  I wonder sometimes  how people can view a sunset or sunrise without believing in God.  I personally can find his majesty and beauty in most everything.  Even when it’s very dark, like right now, somehow I always manage to see His splendor.  One of the most majestic things I’ve ever seen is how the river just seems to spill into my mountain.  Yes…I own it.  The Bible says everything the Father has can be ours…therefore I own the mountain.

The river doesn’t actually pour into the mountain, it winds and weaves around it but you can’t tell that from the vantage point I see my mountain from most often.  Today though…as I drove over the bridges I must travel on to get to work, there was just the river.  No mountain in sight.  It made me sad a little bit.  I kept looking.

Another mile or so down the freeway you can catch a glimpse of my mountain again; I looked, but it wasn’t visible there either.  From one of the tallest bridges in my hometown you can see this view:

I actually took this photo while stuck in traffic on this bridge.  Beautiful isn’t it?  This is MY mountain.  I don’t care who may try to tell you differently…it’s mine.  Period.  I miss it when I can’t spot it in all the usual places.   Today was that kind of day.  Even from this bridge, nearly 400 feet in the air, there was no mountain dang it.

Then it occurred to me…even though some clouds and haze were covering my mountain and I couldn’t see it, I knew that it was STILL there.  Even though the clouds and haze  sometimes cover the mountain no matter how clear the sky is everywhere else, it exists.  No matter how black the night gets and how impossible it is to see the mountain in the dark, it exists.  Perhaps this is a bit like God?

When life has put clouds and haze in front of my view, I have still known that God is there.  In tough times like now when the  “storm” is long and dark and I feel alone, I still know that God is there.  When I travel down the path I’m on and cannot see Him no matter how hard I try or how many times I look, He is STILL there.

I know that He is ALWAYS near, nigh at hand, wanting and waiting to help us.  I’ve known this for a while but sometimes you need a reminder.  I am reminded once again that He is ALWAYS here and I am grateful.


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