On your mark, get set, read!

I do have a few more projects to post from my late night adventures at Splitcoast Stampers, but today’s project is a simply little ditty straight from my brain to my blog by way of my scriptures.  Everyone in my family is an avid reader.  We all love books and can get lost in a good one for hours and hours, often totally losing track of time and anything outside of our book.  Unfortunately though, with full-time school, single parenting, and my paper obsession I don’t read for pleasure nearly as much as I used to.  One thing I do try to read daily though are my scriptures.  I’ve wanted the perfect bookmark for them for some time now.  I’ve been thinking about how great it would be if I could section off the part of my scriptures that I need to read for my personal study goal and our weekly Sunday School lesson, and our Family Home Evening scriptures and…I think this is going to be PERFECT…check it out:

Though it’s difficult to tell in this photo, this is a wrap-around kinda of bookmark.  I put magnet tape on the back of the purple piece then covered the magnets with the blue so that my pages didn’t get blackened from the magnets.  There are at least 20 pages bookmarked here (sectioned off) and the magnet is holding strong.  YAY!  I have to give a special shout out to my Bloggie Buddy miss Gaby from Gaby Creates.  She did a step-by-step tutorial for shaped cards using Spellbinders dies that you can find here.  This little bookmark is a great way to use up your scraps too!  Here’s what you need to make your own:

Supplies Needed:
One 6.5 by about 1 inch sheet of paper folded in half
2 3 inch square pieces of paper (size is approximate)
Grand Calibur
Spellbinders Lacey Pennant Dies
Spellbinders Floral Doily Motif Dies
Spellbinders Classic Circle Dies
K Andrew Designs Art Stamps Crafty Friends
Ink (Versafine)
Adhesive (ATG)
Magnet tape (Wal Mart…the .97 cent pkg)
Scrap Paper for shims if needed

This might not be the right order of plates, but this is how I did it.  Take your C plate (your cutting plate) and put all the paper you need to cut out on it.  You’ll need your 6.5 by 1 inch paper (it might need to be wider…I eyeball remember), your Floral Doily Motif (the one that looks like mine in the picture), and your second to the smallest classic circle.  Then place the corresponding dies over them.  On your pennant die. you will want the die itself to hang off the folded edge a bit (refer to Gaby’s tutorial linked above).  Once all of your dies are in place, you may want to tape them down just so they don’t shift…that’s what I did.  Then you will put your A plate (your base plate) on top and add a few pieces of scrap paper on top if needed for extra pressure to get through both of the layers in the pennant piece.  I use a folded piece of 8.5 x 11 piece of paper as a shim.  Run this sandwich through your grand calibur.   You will likely need a couple of passes to get it all the way through the pennant.

Next you’re going to take all of your cuts out of your dies.  Set the floral motif and circle aside and work on the pennants.  Take your 3 in squares and put them together on top of your same pennant die and run it through your grand calibur.  Again you might need a shim and a couple passes.  Now…take the piece that has the fold in it and add a piece of magnet tape to the back side of both.  I adhered mine using ATG tape.  Use the two pennants you just cut to cover the magnet (this is the blue piece shown in the photo).  Stamp your small circle with the sentiment of your choice and adhere to your floral doily motif cut.  Then adhere this piece to your pennant piece and voilà!  You could probably make this bigger or use a bigger accent than what I chose here, but I’m very happy with how this turned out.  So much so in fact, that I will be making lots more of these!  It took longer to write-up this blog post than it actually did to make the entire project and photograph it!  I love CE-Q…cute, easy and QUICK!


A springless Side Spring

Yesterday you  may recall me telling you how I’ve been suffering from insomnia lately right?!?!?  Last night I actually managed to make it to bed early for a change.  12:30 in the morning is awfully early don’t you think?  I’m proud of myself…lately I’ve been forcing myself into bed at 5 or 6 am only to have to be awake again at 7 when the kids get up and the nephew comes knocking.  With all the sleep I got last night I could be dangerous today…watch out!

At any rate, when I came across another Splitcoast Stampers video that I decided I’d try.  It’s officially called the Side Spring Card, but there’s not really anything springie about it.  At least not IMHO anyway.  Nonetheless, it’s a a pretty quick and easy card to create and a fun new fold.  I like new folds…I mean really there are only so many things you can do with an A2 surface right?!?!?  Here’s the video I watched:

And here’s my version of this card:

Supplies Needed:
One 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ piece of cardstock
Scoring tool (I used my MS Scoreboard)
Additional cardstock and/or patterned paper to decorate the card
Stamps (K Andrew Art Stamps Crafty Friends set used here)
Adhesive (tombow mono adhesive and score tape)
Embellishments (buttons and twine)
Lacey Squares by Spellbinders
Classic Squares by Spellbinders
Versafine Ink
Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch Around the Page edge punch

The only thing I did differently from the video was add the little piece of pattered paper in the triangle at the bottom left and I applied a strip of score-tape on both sides to stabilize the diamond shape a little better.  Oh yeah and I didn’t round the corners of my card either.  I think I will be making more cards like this in the future, only with a slight twist so stay tuned.

Deliriously Happy

Good morning edderbawdy.  That’s 3 yr old nephew talk for everybody isn’t it cute?!?!?  So I was suffering from insomnia yet again last night and decided to visit the resource gallery at Splitcoast Stampers and see what mischief I could get into.  I came across this video:

Guess what though…I don’t have a Creatopia machine.  I watched the video a couple of times actually and then I said to myself “Self, you have a cutter with a perforating blade remember.  You could totally do this.”  And so I sat myself down and got to work.  Here’s what I came up with:

This Crafty Friends set from K Andrew Designs Art stamps is so fun.  I think yesterday’s card might be my all time favorite.  Everyone who comes over to my place bursts into laughter when they see it.  I ♥ the sound of laughter.  The motivation for today’s card though came from my dining room table.  It now looks like this:


If you look closely you can see some of my favorite things all represented in this mess.  My scriptures, Diet Cherry Pepsi, Black Forest gummy bears, punches, eCraft, Versafine ink, Memento ink, grand calibur (well only the base plate is visible in this but still), distress ink, mono adhesive and paper….lots and lots of paper.

The sentiment from Crafty Friends was perfect because my kids have said to me repeatedly over the last few days that they like seeing me happier, but wish it wasn’t so messy.  I figured other crafters would get it totally and might send this to one of you…do I have your address?!?!?

Now…let’s talk about how you can do this even if you don’t have the Creatopia or are crafting at 1am and your sister….who DOES have one is sleeping and your card can’t wait.  Just get yourself a cutting tool with a perforating blade.  If you have a rotary cutter there are all sorts of perforating blades.  I know Fiskars has them for sure.  If you are really patient you could also just draw a dashed line and cut with your craft knife on the dashes and that would perforate the edge too.  I however am not patient (or I might have just waited and asked my sister to borrow her Creatopia for a second) so I just broke out the cutter I hardly use that came with my Your Story (which I also hardly use sigh).  It has a perforating blade on it YAY!  Now…let’s see if I can remember everything I used.

Supplies Used:
Perforating Blade
Paper Trimmer
Bone Folder
Martha Stewart Double Edge Punch
Elmer’s Craft Glue
Tombow Mono Adhesive
Foam Dots
5.5 by 11 sheet of paper
3 sets of mats (mine are just decreased by an 1/8th inch then a 1/4 inch on each panel)
Flat backed pearls
K Andrew Designs Crafty Friends Set
Versafine Ink 
Beaded Ovals
Classic Ovals
Grand Calibur
Tim Holtz Distress Ink (pine needles)
Mulberry paper flower (from my stash)
Brad or button for flower center (also from stash)

Ok…I THINK that’s everything.  First what you need to do is take your 5.5 by 11 inch piece of paper and on the long side, perforate it at 2.5 inches.  Then place your cardstock in your scoring tool and line up your perforated line with the 8.5 mark, score at 4.25.  Fold the card valley style at the 4.25 core line.  This will be your card front.  It is important that you DO NOT fold in your detachable bookmark piece yet.  Too much folding on that perforated line will cause it to detach prematurely.  Decorate your card front.  On mine, I punched the “ribbon” with a MS punch, embellished it with flat back pearls and stamped my sentiment on a classic oval and mounted it to a beaded oval.  Next I adhered this to the card front using foam dots.  I believe my measurements for this were 4.1/8 x 53/8 for the background mat and then maybe 3.75  x 47/8 for the second piece.  I’m honestly not sure though because I just eyeballed it.  I eyeball things a LOT.

Ok…moving onto the inside panel.  Your mats for this piece are the same as the front of your card.  I keep calling this the inside panel but really its the inside of your card.  Here I followed the same theme as the front turning my double-edged “ribbon” horizontally though instead.  I left the flat backed pearls off the “ribbon” on the side as well.  Once you get this done, turn your card over so that the back of the card is visible and the bookmark/flap is on your left.  Decorate accordingly.  Here I mimicked some of the design elements and added another Crafty Friends sentiment.  No flat backed pearls here either so it’s not “bumpy” when used in a book.

Once you get your bookmark how you like it, turn your card back over the front and gently (I mean SUPER gently) fold your bookmark into your card at the perforated line.  DO NOT run your bone folder over it and avoid manipulating this piece or folding it repeatedly as much as you can.  That’s all there is to it!  When the recipient gets this card, they will be able to detach the book mark without destroying the card.  If you wanted to, you could decorate the backside of the book mark too (the piece you can barely see on the right side of  the last picture shown above).

Look at all the fun things the Crafty Friends set has to offer…

C’Mon I know you ALL think it!

How many times have you seen those statuses about let’s see how many people really read my status or it’s time to clean up my friends list or like my status if you want to stay on my friends or…I’m pretty sure we all know what it’s like to have been de-friended too though right?!?!?  You ever run across someone who’s behavior on Facebook is so out of control sometimes you want to say something to them?  No…it’s just me?  Figures.  Today’s project was inspired by some people ahem cough cough family who are airing their moldy (forget just dirty it’s way past that) laundry on Facebook.  I think I need to send a cease and desist in writing with this:

I’m sorry I forgot to warn you to have an empty mouth before viewing my project.  Go ahead….go get a towel and wipe off your screen.  I’ll wait!

All better now?  Alright, let me tell you how you can recreate this little ditty for yourself because I KNOW you want to.

Supplies Used: 
A2 Card Base
2 mats with 1 cut slightly smaller than the other (I eyeballed and didn’t measure sorry)
My Facebook File
Corner Rounder (Creative Memories)
Adhesive (Tombow mono adhesive)
Ink (Versafine)
K Andrew Art Stamps:  Crafty Friends 

 This card is pretty easy to create.  You just need to use Facebook blue colors and add the F from my .scut file.  If you have SCAL 2 or 3 and would like this file, please let me know.

I’m afraid to dream

I honestly can’t ever recall a time in my life that I wasn’t dreaming. Not in the head-in-the-clouds-oh-he’s-so-dreamy kind of way either.  Some people are just born dreamers; I was one of those people.  As a child I dreamed of so many things it’s not funny.  I would often dream about the parents I wish I had, the family I wish I had been born into and  silly things like being a mermaid.  I would dream of having my own room, a yard of my own to play in, a good Dad, marrying a prince (what little girl doesn’t dream of this at one point or another), traveling all over the world (especially vacationing or honeymooning in Jamaica), the college I would attend, the sorority I would join, being an interpreter or a lawyer, my wedding, and and and.  Often my dreams were so vivid they seemed like Technicolor.

When my dreams weren’t enough to get me through the day, I read as a way to escape the life that was my reality.  Reading allowed me to dream different dreams.  I had dreams of being Ayla, or Meg or Margaret and at least one character from every book I ever read.  Through my love for books I could be all the things I had dreamed of and more.  In high school I found Grisham and vicariously lived my lawyer dream through his books.  I had a baby and continued to dream.  Slightly different dreams though because they weren’t all about me anymore.  I found myself dreaming of all the things we’d do together, all the things I’d teach her, all the things I wanted to give her and all the things I wanted her to be.

I got married and kept on dreaming…this is when I first remember my dreams being rather far-fetched.  I dreamed about our dream house, our children, our careers, our location, our families, our grandkids, our retirement, our vacations, being sealed in the temple, our and our and our.   Have you noticed what happened here…I went from dreaming my own dreams, to dreaming ones for her, to dreaming for or about us.  No longer did I have dreams that were mine alone.  I’m not sure that was a good thing…in fact I am confident not having dreams of my own…dreams that were all mine and mine alone has been a very bad thing.  Yes, a bad thing indeed.

Now more than 15 years later I find myself sitting here utterly disappointed.  None of the things I’ve ever dreamed about have ever come true.  That’s a harsh statement I know, but if I really think about it and am totally honest, not a single one of my dreams have come true.  Obviously I don’t have different parents and wasn’t born into a different family, I never got my own room till after I was an adult, I’ve never lived in a house I or my parents owned, I didn’t get a prince (or anything close to it actually) to marry.  I still haven’t been to Jamaica, graduated from college, joined a sorority, become a lawyer, interpreter or any other career title/occupation for that matter.  I also never got to be a mermaid either.

My wedding was not what I had always dreamed of (nor was the marriage), my oldest child is very few of the things I dreamed she would be and none of the things I have dreamed for her have come to fruition.  All of the “our” dreams I had when married came to a crashing halt when I filed for divorce and life has been more difficult than I ever dreamed it could, would, or should be.  So much so I recently found myself back in therapy again.  Therapy has been good for me…it is one of very few things I can say that about.

Through the course of my sessions with my counselor, I’ve often had the thought that I need to dream some new dreams.  I’ve thought that maybe it’s high time I start dreaming again.  Perhaps the reason I’m so depressed about my circumstance and life is because this is the first time I haven’t really had any dreams.  None that I can speak of and certainly none that I can think of.  The problem is I’m scared.  No….terrified actually.  I’m terrified to dream more dreams that come true.  I’m terrified to dream dreams that are mine and mine alone.  It’s been way too many years since I’ve done so and now I’m not sure I even remember how to do it.  Are there things in life I want…yes of course.  I just can’t dream them so it makes visualizing them more difficult.  Life without vision is death.  It even says that in the Bible.  Proverbs 29:18 says “where there is no vision, the people perish.”  I’m not sure I’m ready to perish necessarily, but I’m still afraid to dream.

I tried it…I’ve been trying it.  I just can’t seem to get there.  I want a temple marriage, but I can’t even dream of dating another man let alone marrying one.  I want to own my own house one day, but can’t see how I can make that happen when I’m struggling just to pay my rent and bill collectors are blowing up my cell phone at all hours of the day and night.  I want to create scrapbooks (plural) of photos from all the family vacations we’ve taken but can’t afford to even have a great “staycation”.  I want to be able to dream again…in technicolor.

Most goal-setting training I’ve ever had  says the first step to accomplishing your goals is to dream.  How do I let myself dream again when nothing I’ve ever dreamed about has ever happened?  I can’t even dream of being a mermaid anymore…I’ve grown up and realized there is no magic in this world and mermaids and unicorns and dragons only exist in fairy tales.  How then do I go about dreaming about where I want to be in life, so I can work to get there?  How can I do the work it takes to get there if I don’t know exactly where “there” is?  How can I dream again when it’s gotten me nowhere?

I don’t know…I honestly just don’t know.

6 Degrees of Sorry

Blog candy…I think I hate it.  Yep I said it.  Why you ask…well because I hate readers who only read blogs that offer it, I hate that we all expect it so much most people feel obligated to offer it and I especially hate that I’m so far behind in sending it out to my winners.  For the record…I will NOT be offering any more blog candy until I can get caught up on what I’ve already offered and haven’t gotten int he mail yet.  Anyway…in that spirit of things, I decided to include a card with all the blog candy prizes I’m mailing to express my sorrow for it taking sooooooooooooo long to get in the mail.  I have a lot of cards to make (I told you I’m AWFUL about blog candy), and so I needed something pretty simple to create yet easy enough to tweak and make different each time.  The six cards in this post all feature the exact same supply list below.

Supplies Needed: 
A2 Card base
Fundamentals 2 SD Card
Background paper cut at 4 x 5.25
Adhesive (Tombo Mono Adhesive)
Scallop Trim Border Punch (Stampin’ Up)
K Andrew Designs Art Stamps Sympathetic Sayings
Ink (Memento Tuxedo Black)
3 coordinating colors of paper for butterfly cuts

The butterflies were all cut at 2.5 inches from 3 different papers.  I used one sheet of open stock paper I bought at Joann’s (the patterned paper butterfly) and then the other two colors are just random paper from my stash.  The background mat I used came from a Recollections stack called All Girl or something similar.  I don’t have it handy to look it up for you.  The sentiment is from this set by Kristal Andrew and can be purchased here.

If you have won blog candy from me, one of these cards (or something similar) could be on its way to you soon!


Getting Cricky Simple Sunday Color Challenge

Usually we do a theme for the bi-weekly Simple Sunday Challenge over at Getting Cricky, but this time we deviated from the norm and decided to go with a color challenge instead.  This is the first color challenge I’ve actually participated in…GASP, I know…I know.  After this one though, you can bet I will do this again more often.

So, the challenge this time around was to use orange and black with at most…one other color.  I chose to use purple, orange and black.  Common colors you see together this time of year right?  Probably not like this though:

I just couldn’t force another Halloween/Fall project right now.  I was over Halloween before it began (it’s so NOT my thing), I don’t have many Fall moments that need scrapping, and if one more person tells me “Happy Fall Y’all”, I just might have to vomit.  Seriously.  Anyway, the stamp I used comes from this set:

Here’s what else you’ll need if you want to re-create this card, or one like it, on your own:

Supplies Needed: 
A2 Card Base
Fundamentals 2 SD Card
Orange mat cut at 4 x 5.25
Scripture Sayings stamp set
Ink (Versafine)
Embossing folder of your choice
Manual die cutting machine (I used my Grand Calibur)
Flat-backed pearls
Adhesive (Tombow Mono Adhesive, Pop Dots and Elmer’s Fabric and Craft Glue)

Using your eCraft, cut Image 6 and 8 from the Butterflies category on the Fundamentals 2 Card at 4.5 inches.  I cut two of Image 6, one in orange and one in black.  I cut one of Image 8. then cut the body off of my orange butterfly and glued it to the front of the black Image 6 cut.  I then glued my Image 8 to the front of this piece making a thicker more durable butterfly.  I was careful to only glue the two bodies together so the black wing layer could lift a bit adding dimension.  While this piece was drying, I took a Cuttlebug folder and placed it over 3/4 of my orange mat and ran it through my Grand Calibur.  Mayunnnnnnn does that thing EVER give you a beautiful deep impression.  Anyway….next I added ribbon toward the bottom, stamped my sentiment, added some purple flat backed pearls and that was it.  Be sure to head over to Kristal’s blog to see the rest of the DT projects,  link up your own, and find out what awesome gift Kristal is giving away this time. I can’t wait to see what color you will choose to mix with orange and black for this challenge.  We love seeing what you come up with!