Deliriously Happy

Good morning edderbawdy.  That’s 3 yr old nephew talk for everybody isn’t it cute?!?!?  So I was suffering from insomnia yet again last night and decided to visit the resource gallery at Splitcoast Stampers and see what mischief I could get into.  I came across this video:

Guess what though…I don’t have a Creatopia machine.  I watched the video a couple of times actually and then I said to myself “Self, you have a cutter with a perforating blade remember.  You could totally do this.”  And so I sat myself down and got to work.  Here’s what I came up with:

This Crafty Friends set from K Andrew Designs Art stamps is so fun.  I think yesterday’s card might be my all time favorite.  Everyone who comes over to my place bursts into laughter when they see it.  I ♥ the sound of laughter.  The motivation for today’s card though came from my dining room table.  It now looks like this:


If you look closely you can see some of my favorite things all represented in this mess.  My scriptures, Diet Cherry Pepsi, Black Forest gummy bears, punches, eCraft, Versafine ink, Memento ink, grand calibur (well only the base plate is visible in this but still), distress ink, mono adhesive and paper….lots and lots of paper.

The sentiment from Crafty Friends was perfect because my kids have said to me repeatedly over the last few days that they like seeing me happier, but wish it wasn’t so messy.  I figured other crafters would get it totally and might send this to one of you…do I have your address?!?!?

Now…let’s talk about how you can do this even if you don’t have the Creatopia or are crafting at 1am and your sister….who DOES have one is sleeping and your card can’t wait.  Just get yourself a cutting tool with a perforating blade.  If you have a rotary cutter there are all sorts of perforating blades.  I know Fiskars has them for sure.  If you are really patient you could also just draw a dashed line and cut with your craft knife on the dashes and that would perforate the edge too.  I however am not patient (or I might have just waited and asked my sister to borrow her Creatopia for a second) so I just broke out the cutter I hardly use that came with my Your Story (which I also hardly use sigh).  It has a perforating blade on it YAY!  Now…let’s see if I can remember everything I used.

Supplies Used:
Perforating Blade
Paper Trimmer
Bone Folder
Martha Stewart Double Edge Punch
Elmer’s Craft Glue
Tombow Mono Adhesive
Foam Dots
5.5 by 11 sheet of paper
3 sets of mats (mine are just decreased by an 1/8th inch then a 1/4 inch on each panel)
Flat backed pearls
K Andrew Designs Crafty Friends Set
Versafine Ink 
Beaded Ovals
Classic Ovals
Grand Calibur
Tim Holtz Distress Ink (pine needles)
Mulberry paper flower (from my stash)
Brad or button for flower center (also from stash)

Ok…I THINK that’s everything.  First what you need to do is take your 5.5 by 11 inch piece of paper and on the long side, perforate it at 2.5 inches.  Then place your cardstock in your scoring tool and line up your perforated line with the 8.5 mark, score at 4.25.  Fold the card valley style at the 4.25 core line.  This will be your card front.  It is important that you DO NOT fold in your detachable bookmark piece yet.  Too much folding on that perforated line will cause it to detach prematurely.  Decorate your card front.  On mine, I punched the “ribbon” with a MS punch, embellished it with flat back pearls and stamped my sentiment on a classic oval and mounted it to a beaded oval.  Next I adhered this to the card front using foam dots.  I believe my measurements for this were 4.1/8 x 53/8 for the background mat and then maybe 3.75  x 47/8 for the second piece.  I’m honestly not sure though because I just eyeballed it.  I eyeball things a LOT.

Ok…moving onto the inside panel.  Your mats for this piece are the same as the front of your card.  I keep calling this the inside panel but really its the inside of your card.  Here I followed the same theme as the front turning my double-edged “ribbon” horizontally though instead.  I left the flat backed pearls off the “ribbon” on the side as well.  Once you get this done, turn your card over so that the back of the card is visible and the bookmark/flap is on your left.  Decorate accordingly.  Here I mimicked some of the design elements and added another Crafty Friends sentiment.  No flat backed pearls here either so it’s not “bumpy” when used in a book.

Once you get your bookmark how you like it, turn your card back over the front and gently (I mean SUPER gently) fold your bookmark into your card at the perforated line.  DO NOT run your bone folder over it and avoid manipulating this piece or folding it repeatedly as much as you can.  That’s all there is to it!  When the recipient gets this card, they will be able to detach the book mark without destroying the card.  If you wanted to, you could decorate the backside of the book mark too (the piece you can barely see on the right side of  the last picture shown above).

Look at all the fun things the Crafty Friends set has to offer…


5 thoughts on “Deliriously Happy

  1. I’ve seen a lot of great cards from you, but I think is is my favorite! Thanks for sharing. BTW – do you know where you can find replacement blades for the YourStory paper cutter? I haven’t been able to find them (though they seem to last for a long time). I don’t use mine often, but love it for chipboard and heavy paper. I’ve never used the perforating blade. Now I will have to give it a try.

  2. Faith, I love these cards. I really like this stamp set, but I don’t think I really have anyone in my life whom I would give a card with one of these sentiments — they just aren’t into crafts. Love the K. Andrews stamps, though.

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