On your mark, get set, read!

I do have a few more projects to post from my late night adventures at Splitcoast Stampers, but today’s project is a simply little ditty straight from my brain to my blog by way of my scriptures.  Everyone in my family is an avid reader.  We all love books and can get lost in a good one for hours and hours, often totally losing track of time and anything outside of our book.  Unfortunately though, with full-time school, single parenting, and my paper obsession I don’t read for pleasure nearly as much as I used to.  One thing I do try to read daily though are my scriptures.  I’ve wanted the perfect bookmark for them for some time now.  I’ve been thinking about how great it would be if I could section off the part of my scriptures that I need to read for my personal study goal and our weekly Sunday School lesson, and our Family Home Evening scriptures and…I think this is going to be PERFECT…check it out:

Though it’s difficult to tell in this photo, this is a wrap-around kinda of bookmark.  I put magnet tape on the back of the purple piece then covered the magnets with the blue so that my pages didn’t get blackened from the magnets.  There are at least 20 pages bookmarked here (sectioned off) and the magnet is holding strong.  YAY!  I have to give a special shout out to my Bloggie Buddy miss Gaby from Gaby Creates.  She did a step-by-step tutorial for shaped cards using Spellbinders dies that you can find here.  This little bookmark is a great way to use up your scraps too!  Here’s what you need to make your own:

Supplies Needed:
One 6.5 by about 1 inch sheet of paper folded in half
2 3 inch square pieces of paper (size is approximate)
Grand Calibur
Spellbinders Lacey Pennant Dies
Spellbinders Floral Doily Motif Dies
Spellbinders Classic Circle Dies
K Andrew Designs Art Stamps Crafty Friends
Ink (Versafine)
Adhesive (ATG)
Magnet tape (Wal Mart…the .97 cent pkg)
Scrap Paper for shims if needed

This might not be the right order of plates, but this is how I did it.  Take your C plate (your cutting plate) and put all the paper you need to cut out on it.  You’ll need your 6.5 by 1 inch paper (it might need to be wider…I eyeball remember), your Floral Doily Motif (the one that looks like mine in the picture), and your second to the smallest classic circle.  Then place the corresponding dies over them.  On your pennant die. you will want the die itself to hang off the folded edge a bit (refer to Gaby’s tutorial linked above).  Once all of your dies are in place, you may want to tape them down just so they don’t shift…that’s what I did.  Then you will put your A plate (your base plate) on top and add a few pieces of scrap paper on top if needed for extra pressure to get through both of the layers in the pennant piece.  I use a folded piece of 8.5 x 11 piece of paper as a shim.  Run this sandwich through your grand calibur.   You will likely need a couple of passes to get it all the way through the pennant.

Next you’re going to take all of your cuts out of your dies.  Set the floral motif and circle aside and work on the pennants.  Take your 3 in squares and put them together on top of your same pennant die and run it through your grand calibur.  Again you might need a shim and a couple passes.  Now…take the piece that has the fold in it and add a piece of magnet tape to the back side of both.  I adhered mine using ATG tape.  Use the two pennants you just cut to cover the magnet (this is the blue piece shown in the photo).  Stamp your small circle with the sentiment of your choice and adhere to your floral doily motif cut.  Then adhere this piece to your pennant piece and voilà!  You could probably make this bigger or use a bigger accent than what I chose here, but I’m very happy with how this turned out.  So much so in fact, that I will be making lots more of these!  It took longer to write-up this blog post than it actually did to make the entire project and photograph it!  I love CE-Q…cute, easy and QUICK!


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