I ♥ Crafty Friends!

Except for my sister, I don’t have anyone local that I craft with.  I’m LDS of course so there are lots of scrapbookers in my Ward (it’s a fun way to preserve our genealogy), but we’ve never gotten together and gotten our craft on.  Regardless, I do ♥ my crafty friends.  They understand things no one else does.  What you ask…well they understand why you often have to clean up to mess up.  They understand why there is no such thing as too much paper and why you have to have more than one pair of scissors.  They understand the difference between ph neutral and acid-free and know what lignin is and why it’s better to have paper that is also lignin free.  Only my crafty friends understand why I almost fainted when someone said something like “are you sure you really want to ship all this paper it’s gonna be heavy and it’s just paper” while helping me pack for a cross-country move, and only my crafty friends get why not all ink is created equal.  Crafty friends understand why you have to have wet and dry adhesive and why not all adhesive is created equal.  They understand the difference between a brad, button, and eyelet, and know that a hammer can often be a crafter’s friend…unless of course they use a crop-a-dile to set instead.  Crafty friends know why my cardboard boxes are NOT trash and know exactly what I mean when I say craft knife.  They know what A2 sized is, they totally get why multiple types of ribbon in the same color is a necessity and they know what J’s, M’s, SU, CTMH, and LSS all stand for.  Yes indeed crafty friends are the best.  Today’s project was inspired by all of YOU!

This card is made entirely from scraps with the exception of the stamps and ink and the embellishments.  The flowers are from a Creative Charms pack I received from my beautiful friend Kristal Andrew.  The stamps are hers too and the ink used was Versafine.  I used Spellbinders lacey and classic ovals for the sentiment piece and, though it’s tough to tell in this photo, adhered it with pop dots to give it a little dimension.  I have to tell you about how I created the stamped goodness on this card though…when I posted it in the Getting Cricky DT group, Kristal said “WOW girl–you rocked the Crafty Friends set out–love the butterfly”.  Let’s talk about the butterfly first…I think it’s one of my favorite combinations so far so you can expect to see it on more projects in varying colors.

The butterfly features the wings and the exclamation points found in the Fall-O-Ween stamp set shown below.  I stamped the right wing first and then stamped the left making sure it was touching the right wings.  Next I taped over one of the exclamation points and both periods in the double exclamation point stamp and used it to make the body of the butterfly.  I drew its antennae myself with a pen.  You didn’t believe me when I said that the best part of K Andrew Designs stamps is how versatile they are now did you?

Ok…the Crafty Friends set that I “rocked out” was a little more complicated but it still worked.  For the sentiment, I took “friends” and “are the best friends” and put them together then stamped that first.  I knew I wanted my card to say crafty friends but, if you look at the set below, that word doesn’t exist independently.  So…I pulled out the tape again and taped off everything but the word “Crafty” in crafty as a fox.  Then I inked my stamp using Versafine (it’s pigment based and stays wet longer which is why it needs to be heat set).  Once it was inked, I taped over the unwanted words again just to make sure no residual ink came through onto my stamped piece.  The result is what you see above.

The floral embellishments on the bottom were hot glued.  The hardest part of this card was taping off the unwanted portions of the sentiments I chose.  I hope this will help you see new ways to use YOUR stamps as well!  You can get your OWN  K Andrew Designs art stamps by clicking the image below!  If you place an order, please tell Kristal I sent you!

I ♥ each of you my crafty friends!


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