I need a fix but…

this will just have to do I guess.  I am wallowing in rotten right now.  I look rotten, I feel rotten, I probably even smell rotten right now.  TMI I know but you know me and honesty…today I even feel like a rotten Auntie.  I take care of the world’s cutest little boy while his Mommy works.  He and I spend an insane amount of time together.  It is so fun being 3 with him…we play hard and laugh harder.  Except for this week because laughing and playing hurts.  I think he misses me…today he’s been really needy.  Every 5 minutes it’s been “so Auntie guess what”…I have wanted him to go back to sleep since he got here.  I feel rotten for not having the energy to laugh and play with him like I normally do.  Hopefully I can feel better soon.

Usually when I’m feeling rotten about something, I decompress with paper, glue, ink, ribbon, stamps, die cutting machines, paper trimmers, corner rounders, my crop-a-dile…you know all the usual crafty things.  It’s my drug I suppose and right now I’m jonesing for all things crafty severe.  I don’t see that happening today though…sitting up is a challenge right now.  Before I resume my prone position, let me share something I made a while ago…yes, from scraps again.

Once I’m feeling better I’ll make a video showing how I tie bows.  If you can’t wait that long though, go to http://amazingpapergrace.com and look under Becca Bits and watch her bow videos.  I learned to tie mine from watching her tie hers.  The stamps used come from the Owly Hoo Sentiments and Hoot Owl Accessories by K Andrew Designs.  You can check them out below:

K Andrew Designs

K Andrew Designs

 Here’s to hoping I can get my fix in later today or tomorrow.  I may just have to suck it up and go in my freezing cold craft space regardless of how I’m feeling because I have to get a project made for the Getting Cricky Hop this Friday.  I hope you’ll join us!


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