U R So Sweet Blog Hop

Welcome to the Getting Cricky Monthly Blog Hop!!!

We’re so happy you could join us for this month’s Getting Cricky Design Team Blog Hop!!  This month we did something special for you!  Remember our week-long event I called Project Week?  I hope you got a chance to check that out…if not, you might want to because MORE THAN 100 CREATIVE IDEAS and PROJECTS using K Andrew Designs Art Stamps complete with tips, and tutorials!!

There are so many things about Kristal’s stamps that I love.  They each benefit charity with at least $1 per stamp set going to the charity noted on the stamp set package. Currently those charities are: Cancer Angels, Storefront Shelter for Homeless Children, Intrepid & Fallen Heroes, E. Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Doorways Shelter for Women & Children (Domestic Violence), Wayside House for Women, Camp Good Days & Special Times, Adopt a Classroom, and Autism Research Institute.  Over time, this will add up to some wonderful miracles for these special people. Each time you purchase a K Andrew Designs art stamp set, someone around the country is receiving some good help!  Additionally, all these stamps are made and assembled here in the USA, which ensures all product materials are safe and that jobs are being provided and maintained here in America. Why not head over to K Andrew Designs and pick some up for yourself?  Use code faithfreeship and get FREE shipping through Sunday night!!!!  C’mon, I know you want some!!!!  

Check out the newest release now available for ordering:

It’s Valentines stamp set (26 stamps)

I Heart You stamp set (23 stamps)

Most stamps fit inside the hearts!

Key To My Heart mini set, free with $25.00 purchase while supplies last!!

Plus she has two new February sets available for preorder!! They will ship at the end of January if not sooner!

All About Animals (larger set)

All In The Family

If you’ve been hopping along on the right path, you should have arrived from the amazingly talented Miss Amy at Love To Crop, if not, please be sure to visit Getting Cricky to start at the beginning.  Now, onto my project.  The theme is U R So Sweet and we were to make a project that was Valentine themed or a project that was for our “sweetie”.   Since her birth, we’ve pretty much always called my oldest daughter Sweet Pea and her birthday is coming up soon.  I made this card for her but I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold out until her birthday to give it to her…

Supplies Needed
6 x 12 inch paper for card base (I used Core’dinations)
5.75 x 5.75 inch mat (I used DCWV open stock from Joann’s)
Beaded floral spray (Visit this link for a tutorial)
Tim Holtz Distress Ink (I used Seedless Grape and Festive Berry)
Adhesive (Tombow mono adhesive, glue gun and foam dots used)
Delilah Tags SVG set from Lettering Delights
K Andrew Designs Food For Thought

Score your 6 x 12 inch piece of paper at 6 inches or just fold in half.  Cut tag 5 from the SVG kit making sure to ungroup the layers and remove the inside circle.  Cut it just under 6 inches.  Cut the inside circle in two different sizes so they nest.  Attach your beaded spray to your card with glue.  Stamp your sentiments…I used the I from I relish, love, the  you from you are, the best, sweet and then pea comes from the word peas to get the sentiment the way I did.  I stamped using versafine ink, heat set for a few minutes, and then added to the slightly larger circle using foam dots, then added both circles to the tag with foam dots and finally added the entire piece to the card base.  The beaded spray was hot glued and I used my distress ink to paint the flowers.  I hope she loves it as much as I do.

Next up is my sweet friend Ildi.  Ildi I love you mamma and am so glad we are always side-by-side in these hops!!!  If you didn’t get here from Amy’s blog, be sure you go back to the beginning and start out at Getting Cricky. One lucky viewer could win a Scrap’n Easel woo hoo!  And, if you get lost along the way, here’s the entire line-up:


Amazing Paper Grace Faithfule Creations Style

Insomnia sucks…Kristal can I get that in a stamp please???  Lol…just kidding.  Last night I ended up being wide awake until about 6 am or so and I’m just now waking back up.  No, I don’t sleep much…sleeping is overrated I think.

Digressing sorry…welcome to the final day of Project Week.  I hope you have taken the time to visit my DT Sisters’ blogs and check out what they have created this week as well. Since the very first stamp set, the thing I’ve liked best about K Andrew Designs Art Stamps  is how versatile each set is individually (we won’t even talk about how they mix and match with other sets too).   Project Week has given you a glimpse of that versatility and I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Today’s project was inspired by this post at Amazing Paper Grace.  Becca is an amazing card maker, I hope you’ll check her out.   Anyway…here’s my rendition:

Becca’s card features three butterfly cut out parts but I don’t have big enough paper to do three so I had to work with what I got.  Yes, you guessed it, the stamps are from the Food For Thought set by K Andrew Designs.  Believe it or not…there’s no I Love You sentiment in this set, but it was “easy peasy” to make it happen.  I masked everything except the I in “I could just squeeze you” and then I masked off everything except the word you in “you’re awesome”  the word love is included so no masking required.  And, as I’ve mentioned before, this same sentiment could be created by using a different combination of sentiments from the same set.  For instance, you could use the I in “I relish” and the You in “You are…” or…

Becca shows how to to create her masterpiece in one of her Becca Bits.  Here is a direct link to that video, but she has many other fantabulous ones on her YouTube Channel.  Many include how to tie her amazing and beautiful bows.  Because I was using an A2 card base, I had to change some of the measurements a smidge.  My piece for the butterfly punch out measures 2 x 5 and I only made 4 punches total and not 6 like in the video.  I was also able to use the edge of my punch to line my punches up and so I didn’t have to mark it all out like Becca shows.

Don’t forget: You can STILL get free shipping on your K Andrew Designs stamps purchase with code faithfreeship entered at checkout.  Be sure to come back tomorrow at 9pm EST to see our official release and accompanying blog hop.  Many of my DT Sisters will be featuring the NEW Valentine’s Sets in our U R So Sweet themed hop.  You won’t want to miss them!!!


Actually, with last night’s snow fall I’m really not LOL.  Welcome to day 4 of Project Week for Getting Cricky.  I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the amazing projects my DT Sisters and I have worked so hard to bring you.  Today’s project is a little late and I do apologize.  I taught a class last night with more women than I could count and then let my kids stay up late playing in the snow.  We don’t get much here so it might be there only chance to enjoy that icky cold wet white stuff all winter.  Anyway…as I’ve sat here and shivered every time the kids open my front door and leave it ajar, I knew I wanted to do something HOT for today’s project.  Here’s what I came up with:

The stamps are of course the Food For Thought set and the heart and flames came from Fundamentals 1 and Destination USA SD Cards from Craftwell.  I cut them on my eCraft using a stabilizer, no tabs, pressure at 5.5 and the paper was core’dinations.  The background mat is more from the Studio G package I picked up at Wal-Mart for this project.  Just in case you haven’t had a chance to view them yet…check out the newest release, now available for pre-order.  Don’t forget…free shipping with code faithfreeship at checkout!

kad030: In the Family stamp set Preorder - Click Image to Close
kad029: All about Animals stamp set LARGE preorder - Click Image to Close
Order $25 or more and receive a FREE mini set (while supplies last).  Here’s what that looks like:
FREE MINI HEART set with VALENTINE bundle or $25.00 purchase - Click Image to Close
Until tomorrow my crafty friends!

This sister’s love

Today’s weather perfectly matches the mood I’m currently in.  The day is drawing near when my sister will have to bid her baby goodbye for 8 hours while he undergoes the first of two brain surgeries.  I love the two of them more than I have the words to express and right now my heart is breaking for them both.  I know that ultimately these surgeries will prove beneficial for my dearest nephew, but right now my heart aches for them both.

My sister is one of the most amazing and beautiful people I know.  A large part of who I now am is modeled after who she has pretty much always chosen to be.  She is loving, generous, giving, thoughtful, and loyal.  She knows all of my secrets and loves me in spite of them.  She has seen me at my worst and always inspires me to be my best.  She makes a difference in the lives of everyone who knows her and she is one of the most incredible moms I have ever met.

It was about two years ago, maybe 2 years to the day actually now that I think about it, that I first put my hands on her sweet baby boy and I fell in love in a split second.  He had just woke up and wasn’t particularly thrilled that a stranger was holding him and trying really hard to get free of me and back to into his Mom’s arms.  I will never forget that moment…or one that came a short time later.

While in an aisle at a local grocery store, my nephew had a seizure.  It was so small and honestly, had my sister had not told me it was seizure I wouldn’t have even had a clue.    He didn’t convulse, his eyes didn’t roll back in his head, it didn’t last for more than just a few seconds and when it was over he just passed out asleep.  I had no idea what my sister was going through on a regular basis, but that time would soon come.

The last time I counted his seizures, he had 45 in as many days.  He’s been in the hospital for seizure related things at least half a dozen times in the last 18 months.  One of these times it happened on my watch.  He had so many seizures I had to administer his emergency medicine and take him to the hospital…he had a long seizure in my car afterwards and another on the counter of the ER while I was giving the receptionist his information.  His mom met me there a short time later.

I can’t even begin to describe to you the anguish and heartache I feel every single time I see my nephew go through what he does after multiple seizures and I have no idea how my sister handles it with so much dignity and grace.  She makes me so very proud.  I can’t even begin to tell you how my heart hurts for them both as the prepare for him to have brain surgery next week.  I spend so much time with my sister and her children that she is more of a second mom to my kids and vice versa.  I call her boys my surrogate sons and her 4-year old is my best friend.  It is so hard to see so many things happy to this little guy that, while ultimately done for his own good, hurt him.  I’ve already seen too many IV’s, given too much medication and seen him miss way too much of his life.  Thankfully though, he has a whole awful lot of it left.

Today has been especially difficult as the reality of his upcoming surgery becomes even more real.  I sit here typing this blog post through tears as I think about all this baby has and his Mommy have faced in such a short amount of time.  I am praying…no pleading with my Heavenly Father to bring them both out of this with total healing.  I hope you will join me in my pleadings by praying for the same thing.


I want you to know that I am proud of you and that I thank God every single day this precious baby was given to you.  You are the PERFECT Mom for both of my nephews and they are so lucky to have a Mom who loves them as much as you do.  I learn so much about the Mom I have become and the Mom I want to be from watching you.  I want you to know that I love you from the depths of my soul and that I love your boys from the very same place.  My relationship with the three of you is a blessing I am grateful for daily and one of the most cherished things I have. 

Thank you dear Little Sis for trusting me to take care of your baby in your absence.  Thank you for educating me and forgiving me when I flip out over something we can’t do anything about or over you NOT flipping out over something we can’t do anything about.  Thank you for loving me, thank  you for being there for me.  Thank you for inspiring me and for loving me.  It is extremely difficult for me to play strong when I have some of the same feelings and fears as you do, but I will do my best to be a should to lean on so you can continue to be the graceful, strong, loving woman you are.  I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU!  I’m so sorry that this is happening to you and your precious boys, but I do know that God has a plan and your little Luv is going to ok.  He’s going to be better than just OK….he’s going to be healed.  I am claiming that blessing for you both.

Little Sis…the best thing to being a Mommy is being an Auntie.  Thank you for the opportunity I get to be a little bit of both to your boys.  I got your back…you take care of the little one and I’ll take care of the big one till you are home again. I love you so much and I promise, I will get all (ok maybe just most) of my tears out of the way this week so I am strong for you next week.


For those of you who like to know specifically who you are praying for…this is my sister and her two beautiful boys.  I love them so much and they are such a huge part of me that my eyes leak and my heart breaks when I think about what they are all facing in the immediate future.  I am trusting God to make the rest of their future seizure free!  Thank you in advance God for providing a seizure free outcome for my nephew.  We are so grateful!!!


Sprinkled with…

Welcome to Day 3 of Project Week!  Are you enjoying what the Getting Cricky Design Team has been featuring?  I sure am.  Seeing these projects myself has me inspired to use my stamps in ways I never thought about.  Being able to mix and match sentiments within sets or even by combing sets allows countless combinations perfect for pretty much any occasion.  When you couple the existing sets with the BRAND NEW releases, you’ll be in stamping heaven!

For today’s project, I have again used the Food For Thought set by K Andrew Designs.  I masked of the “nice” in the sentiment “alot of nice” and came phrase sprinkled with a lot of sweet love.  Check it out:

I used Spellbinders Heart Circles and Classic Circles Small and a butterfly cut from Fundamentals 1 on my eCraft.  I also took one of my I Am Roses flowers apart and used it with a heart button center that I got at Joann’s.  The background paper is Studio G and came in a paper pack I found at Wal-Mart for a dollar.

I have to confess…when I bought this set I didn’t think I’d use it that much.  I’m not huge into food puns.  I also haven’t used it at all until it came time to create these projects for Project Week.  What I can now say though is that it is becoming one of my favorites YAY!  My hot button for stamp sets right now though is the NEW release from K Andrew Designs.  Oh my gosh…I really think Kristal has pretty much nailed it.  In case you missed it yesterday, please check out some of the NEW sets available to pre-order RIGHT now!  Oh yeah…

FREE SHIPPING with the code faithfreeship

kad030: In the Family stamp set Preorder - Click Image to Close
kad029: All about Animals stamp set LARGE preorder - Click Image to Close
Order $25 or more and receive a FREE mini set (while supplies last).  Here’s what that looks like:
FREE MINI HEART set with VALENTINE bundle or $25.00 purchase - Click Image to Close
And of course, don’t forget to pick up Food For Thought while you’re there too so that you can use the same sentiments I have!  How many creations can YOU think of for just Valentine’s Day with this set?  I’ll be back tomorrow with another “lovely” project!  Be sure to come back and see!

Don’t forget, you can receive FREE shipping using the code faithfreeship at checkout.

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Loving You is Awesome!

How many of you have someone you could say this about?  A daughter, a son, a husband, a wife, a parent, a sibling, a niece, a nephew, a cousin, a….love is really the greatest force in this world.  At least I think so anyone.  I hope you will love our Getting Cricky Project Week as well!  It never ceases to amaze me just how versatile and amazing these K Andrew Designs stamps really are.  Today I bring you another project using her Food For Thought set.  I will admit, I had no idea what I was doing with this…I just grabbed some of this and some of that and tried a little bit more of this and that and came up with this:

This turned out pretty great for not knowing where I was headed I think.  As you know, pink really isn’t my thing and Valentine’s Day isn’t my favorite, but I am so excited about the NEW Valentine’s Day sets now available for pre-order at K Andrew Designs.  Check them out:

Now…as if these two sets weren’t fabulous enough, Kristal has also released a family and animals set.  I am so excited about the family set because it’s one I have specifically asked for!  YAY!  I also love how flexible it is and how it coordinates with each of her other sets.  Check it out:
kad030: In the Family stamp set Preorder - Click Image to Close
kad029: All about Animals stamp set LARGE preorder - Click Image to Close
And no…the amazing wonderfulness doesn’t end there.  Place an order of $25 or more and receive a free mini Valentine’s Stamp while supplies last.  It’s so cute, look:
FREE MINI HEART set with VALENTINE bundle or $25.00 purchase - Click Image to Close
At the risk of sounding pretty infomercial-ish…but wait there’s more!  Get FREE SHIPPING on your K Andrew Designs Stamp with the code faithfreeship.  Lemme say that again…

FREE SHIPPING with the code faithfreeship

Don’t miss out on the versatility that comes with these stamps or your opportunity to stamp good and do good.  Remember, at least $1 from EVERY stamp set sold is donated to charity AND made in the USA.  It doesn’t get much better than that, it really doesn’t.

Be sure to come back tomorrow and see what’s up next.  Don’t forget to visit my DT Sister’s to see what they’ve come up with using various stamp sets.  Here’s a little sneaky peeky:

1. Amy – Owly Hoo/Hoot Owl Image Set/Accessories
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3. Ildi – Winter Wishes

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7. Heather – Crafty Friends

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9. Larelyn – Fashionable Friends

10. Amanda – Food For Thought

11. Jana – Owly Hoo/Hoot Owl Image Set/Accessories

12. Patti – Pirate Tales & Fish Scales/Pirate Party

13. Linda – Positive Thoughts

14. Letillia – Scripture Sayings

15. Christel – Scripture Sayings

16. Jessie – Winged Things

17. RhoLynda – Winged Things

18. Miranda – Winter Wishes

19. Veronica – Pirate Tales&Fish Scales/Pirate Party

20. Debbie – Crafty Friends

21. Kristan – Food For Thought

22. Sherry – Amazing You

Don’t forget…FREE shipping using the code faithfreeship entered at checkout!

Simply Sunday is Letting it snow!!!

Welcome to another Simply Sunday challenge!  Now that our DT is so big and bad, we have split the Simply Sunday challenges into two groups and today it’s my turn to feature a project YAY!!!!  The theme this time is “Let it snow” and we were all asked to create some sort of Winter project using embossing.  Though I would like Valentine’s Day much more if it were in the Spring or Summer AND I had a sweetheart to share it with, it is nonetheless a winter holiday and the PERFECT way to kick off Project Week!!!

What is Project Week you ask?!?!?  Well, we will have our monthly Getting Cricky Blog Hop and stamp release on Friday, January 20th; however, the DT wanted to show you just how amazing and versatile each of these stamp sets are by using the same theme (Valentine’s Day) with each stamp set.  I chose Food for Thought because I hadn’t used it before making today’s Simply Sunday project.  Be sure to come back tomorrow to see another lovely and sweet project using this same stamp set.

Here’s a sneak peak of what my DT Sisters will using during Project Week.  Be sure to check them out!!!!

1. Amy – Owly Hoo/Hoot Owl Image Set/Accessories

2. Lisa – Owly Hoo/Hoot Owl Image Set/Accessories

3. Faith – Food For Thought

4. Ildi – Winter Wishes

5. Charlotte – Coffee&Tea for You&Me Sets

6. Jennie – Coffee&Tea for You&Me Sets

7. Cheri – Coffee&Tea for You&Me Sets

8. Heather – Crafty Friends

9. Jamie – Fall-O-Ween

10. Erica – Fashionable Friends

11. Larelyn – Fashionable Friends

12. Amanda – Food For Thought

13. Jana – Owly Hoo/Hoot Owl Image Set/Accessories

14. Patti – Pirate Tales and Fish Scales/Pirate Party

15. Linda – Positive Thoughts

16. Letillia – Scripture Sayings

17. Christel – Scripture Sayings

18. Jessie – Winged Things

19. RhoLynda – Winged Things

20. Miranda – Winter Wishes

21. Veronica – Pirate Tales&Fish Scales/Pirate Party

22. Debbie – Crafty Friends

23. Kristan – Food For Thought

24. Sherry – Amazing You

Yes yes…I know you’re dying (ok maybe not but humor me would ya) to see what I created, but first I’d like to show you where the inspiration came from.  A friend of mine’s daughter got married almost a month ago to the day. Her color scheme was incredible…no really look:

Amazing RIGHT!!!!!  This is the beautiful Bride and all but one of her siblings.  She had this wonderful winter cape and muffler thingie (I think that’s what it’s called…muffler…).  Looking at this ALMOST makes me want to copycat her color scheme that’s for sure.  Here she is with her cape and muffler.

So…now that you know where my inspiration came from, lemme show you what I created…I hope you find it was worth the wait!!!

The sentiments all came from Food For Thought!  So fun right?!?!?  I had to mask off part of the sentiment so I could get it to fit the two panels.  The “I could just squeeze you” is actually all one stamp.  I am so excited about this project and I have gotten such great feedback  on it from my DT Sisters, I decided to do a video for you showing how I did it.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my project as much as I have enjoyed sharing it.  Be sure you head on over to Getting Cricky to see everything my DT Sister’s have in store for you and get details on how YOU could win a set of these AWESOME stamps (perhaps the Food for Thought set I’ll be featuring all week) FREE by linking up your own “Let It Snow” project with a Winter theme of some kind and including embossing (heat or dry).  See you again Monday, I better get some sleep so I can be ready for Church!