Stacy and Clinton and Ex Knight would just DIE

If you’re a good blog stalker you have read my page called Surviving Faithfule.  If you aren’t, you can always redeem yourself by subscribing to all four of my blogs:  Faithfule Creations, Eat Faithfule, Live Faithfule, and Praise Faithfule and reading my About Faithfule and Survive Faithfule pages as well.

Anyway…it took being entirely out of my abusive relationship to realize all the ways that I was abused and control.  Ex Knight was soooooooooooooo controlling I wasn’t allowed out in public with him unless I was dressed well and my hair and makeup was flawless.  No joke…I was even required to wear lipstick, but if I did, he wouldn’t kiss me.  I have really long, really thick hair.  Combing it all out is a chore, let alone applying the massive tons of products it takes to tame these tresses and then you add a good half hour or so for a flawless face of makeup and bam….2 hours of my day is gone already.  Not to mention that nothing…and I doooooooooooo mean nothhhhhhhhhhhhing is more comfortable than my jammies.

So….now that I’m single and not looking I find I go out in public in my jammies with not a lick of makeup to be found on my face.  And guess what…I love how liberating it makes me feel.  In fact, today my new polar fleece pink camo jammie paints and I are headed to an appointment.  It really is the small things like this that make me appreciate the freedom I now enjoy.  Crazy I know but…


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