I’ve never been so proud

You know how as a parent you always wonder how your kids behave and what they would do when they are on their own?  The mothers out there reading this post may be able to relate to restless nights wondering if your wayward child is ever going to get it together or be the person you have always hoped and believed and even raised them to be.  It’s even more difficult and these questions become even more pressing when you have a child so wayward they are unable to live in the home.  Such is my situation.  My oldest daughter is almost 16 and has been out of my home for nearly 4 years.  It’s been so tough sometimes not to have her with me; I feel incomplete most of the time.

Church is of utmost importance to me.  I honestly don’t know where I would be without my faith in God.  It has helped me over, under, around, through, around, over and then under yet again.  I have always said if I had to choose between my children going to Church or school, the Church would always win.  In my Church we have this incredible program for our young women called Personal Progress.  You can view the Personal Progress book here.  In the book are some core values with activities for our young women to do to go along with them.  These values are faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, and my personal favorite…virtue.

This program is begun when a young woman turns 12 and enters the Young Women’s program and is designed to be completed when she is 18 plus or minus a year or two.  Most girls wrap it up their last year of high school anyway.  As I work through the program myself with my 12-year-old daughter, I’ve become aware of just how challenging this program really is…even when you have help and support and your Mom to do it right along with you.  My oldest baby girl didn’t have either and yet, she completed her program EARLY and received the distinct honor of receiving her Young Women’s medallion necklace and certificate.  She did this on her own, without any direct help from me.  I was FLOORED and never more proud of her than the moment someone from her Ward let me down the hall to the plaque where her name is proudly displayed, thus memorializing her accomplishment for pretty much ever.

When I last visited her, she gave me her certificate and her medallion and asked me to keep them safe for her.  I bought a shadow box and made this to put inside it:

Once it gets a little later, I’ll display this shadow box on the wall of my living room.  I am so proud of her I can’t even remember what it felt like to see her name on that plaque without welling up with tears and having my heart skip a beat or two.  Every now and again she will do something totally unexpected and amazing and leave me at a loss for words.  I like to talk too, so that’s pretty tough to do.  Usually it’s something I can’t believe she’s done…some sort of shenanigans or horrid vocabulary or negative something.  On occasion though, she shows me a glimpse or two of the divinity I know she has inside her.  This was one of those times and I want everyone who comes to my home to see her accomplishments and be just as proud of her as I am.

The focal point of this piece is of course my beautiful little girl lol…ok no really it’s the beaded floral spray.  I just used random mulberry flowers from my stash and inked them to match the color scheme using broken china distress ink and my DIY Glimmer Mist.  Purple is both of our favorite colors so I of course had to throw it in there somewhere.  The leaves on the spray were cut from my Fundamentals 1 SD Card on my eCraft.  I cut from the tray and front both, pressure at 5 for both tabs at 1 width at 1.  Tabs probably weren’t needed for the cutting I did from the front but I was too lazy to turn it off.  The paper used is core’dinations.  I mounted her photo and included her certificate and necklace.  I think it’s perfect, I can’t wait to show it to her one day!!!!

To learn how to make your own beaded sprays, please visit my new friend Leeanne’s You Tube Channel.  She has the most amazing videos, but did one not too long ago about how to make these beaded sprays.  The link for that exact video is here.


5 thoughts on “I’ve never been so proud

  1. I have been there. my daughter lost so much control as a teen that it was sad and very scary and I was also really angry. She is turning 30 this year and I am very proud of her as an adult. her choices of running away all the time. NOW has made her eyes open as her daughter soon to be 10 is getting her H***!!!! and I tell her you must stay strong.. I am proud of your daughter

  2. It’s Beautiful!! I know that you are very proud of her but I have to tell you that she is the woman she is because of you!! You are the one that taught her what she now knows and guided her!! We don’t think that they listen or learn from us but they do and when they do something so monumental it is a tremendous accomplishment in our books!! You ROCK mama and your children are Blessed to have you as their Mom!! Luv ya my dear friend!

  3. Congrats to both you and your daughter! Children can bring us much joy and pain! I like you have learned the hard way! LOL But through it all we love them the same! TFS your daughter’s accomplishment along with your awesome project!
    Miranda 🙂

  4. Congrats, Faith. You sure be proud of your girl. As a mother of a 4 years old girl, I pray to God that my daughter could enjoy in her life what your daughter is feeling right now. As an ex Young Women`s President, I know how much effort each young women put on work on her programs and the blessing they got.

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