Take a peek…go on

Yesterday I told you’d I’d be back with another corset card from the J’Adore set at Lettering Delights and so, before the day gets away from me here it is:

All the paper I used comes from a lss and has become one of my favorite papers.  It’s solid core and I can get 10 pound packages for anywhere from 7 to 25 dollars depending on if they have it on sale or not.  I used Fruit Punch and Crystal Stickles and then glossy accents on the black part to make it look like patent leather.  The sentiment used comes from the Positive Thoughts and Winter Wishes stamp sets by K Andrew Designs, both of which are shown below.  I had to mask off portions on both of the stamps.  To do that, I just put tape over the part of my stamp I don’t want to be inked then ink as normal.  Before stamping my project I peel the tape off.  The “Go ahead” comes from the sentiment “Go ahead and wear your rose colored glasses” but could also be done with the “Go ahead and laugh” sentiment.  The “peek” comes from “peeking”.


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