Amazing Paper Grace Faithfule Creations Style

Insomnia sucks…Kristal can I get that in a stamp please???  Lol…just kidding.  Last night I ended up being wide awake until about 6 am or so and I’m just now waking back up.  No, I don’t sleep much…sleeping is overrated I think.

Digressing sorry…welcome to the final day of Project Week.  I hope you have taken the time to visit my DT Sisters’ blogs and check out what they have created this week as well. Since the very first stamp set, the thing I’ve liked best about K Andrew Designs Art Stamps  is how versatile each set is individually (we won’t even talk about how they mix and match with other sets too).   Project Week has given you a glimpse of that versatility and I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Today’s project was inspired by this post at Amazing Paper Grace.  Becca is an amazing card maker, I hope you’ll check her out.   Anyway…here’s my rendition:

Becca’s card features three butterfly cut out parts but I don’t have big enough paper to do three so I had to work with what I got.  Yes, you guessed it, the stamps are from the Food For Thought set by K Andrew Designs.  Believe it or not…there’s no I Love You sentiment in this set, but it was “easy peasy” to make it happen.  I masked everything except the I in “I could just squeeze you” and then I masked off everything except the word you in “you’re awesome”  the word love is included so no masking required.  And, as I’ve mentioned before, this same sentiment could be created by using a different combination of sentiments from the same set.  For instance, you could use the I in “I relish” and the You in “You are…” or…

Becca shows how to to create her masterpiece in one of her Becca Bits.  Here is a direct link to that video, but she has many other fantabulous ones on her YouTube Channel.  Many include how to tie her amazing and beautiful bows.  Because I was using an A2 card base, I had to change some of the measurements a smidge.  My piece for the butterfly punch out measures 2 x 5 and I only made 4 punches total and not 6 like in the video.  I was also able to use the edge of my punch to line my punches up and so I didn’t have to mark it all out like Becca shows.

Don’t forget: You can STILL get free shipping on your K Andrew Designs stamps purchase with code faithfreeship entered at checkout.  Be sure to come back tomorrow at 9pm EST to see our official release and accompanying blog hop.  Many of my DT Sisters will be featuring the NEW Valentine’s Sets in our U R So Sweet themed hop.  You won’t want to miss them!!!


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