Getting Cricky With it Surprise Hop

Public apologies for how late I am in getting this posted.  I was gone most of the day today and then this evening has been, in a word, hell.   I’ll be very glad when it’s over and I can try it again tomorrow.  At any rate, today the Design Team is bringing you some very special projects created for our wonderful and amazing leader Kristal! Our term is almost over and we wanted to show her just how much we appreciate ALL that she has done for us this term. The projects that we will be sharing with you will also be sent to Kristal. We encourage ALL of her fans to join in on the fun as well! Why not link up your own project for her up before you mail it off to her!

If you’ve hopped along from Shawn’s Crafty Chicks Blog  then you are in the right place!! If you are just joining me from your dashboard, or reading this via email, please be sure to visit RhoLynda, our Surprise Hop Coordinators’s blog Blossoming Butterfly Creations to start at the beginning.  The goal of this hop was to create a little something something to thank her for her all she does.  I was a naughty girl and did not use a K Andrew Designs stamp set for this project because what I wanted to say just couldn’t be expressed by any combination of stamps.  Kristal is not just my DT Leader, she is my friend and my inspiration and my life will never be the same because she has graced it.  She always encourages me to be better than I often think I’m capable of and I feel like we are more than co-workers/creators and more than friends.  We are soul-sisters for sure.  So my dear sweet Kristal, this one is for you:

The sentiment reads “Thank you for the difference you’ve made in my life.”  Kristal my dear, that difference is HUGE and I appreciate you!  Next up in this surprise hop is the marvelous Amy from Love To Crop.  And, if you get lost along the way, here’s the entire line-up:

1.      Kristal

2.      RhoLynda

3.      Charlotte

4.      Cheri

5.      Linda

6.      Amanda

7.      Debbie

8.      Vero

9.      Lisa

10.  Jennie

11.  Kristan

12.  Jamie

13.  Christel

14.  Jana

15.  Patti

16.  Heather

17.  Miranda

18.  Ildi

19.  Jessie

20.  JoAnn

21.  Letillia

22.  Larelyn

23.  Anita

24.  Laura

25. Sherry

26.  Shawn

27.  Faith

28.  Amy

Please be sure to visit K Andrew Designs to see some of the reasons we, the DT, love working with Kristal’s fabulous stamps.  The more I use them, the more uses I find for them and I’m sure you will too!  Until next time my friends.


Intro to layers…sort of

I am soooooooooooooooooo excited about what I’ve been able to learn this weekend.   Lemme give you some background so you can be excited with me too!  I’ve taken a few video-editing classes in school and have always hated the process.  I don’t find the Adobe applications to be very user-friendly and I find that Movie Maker is a little too limiting given all the other design things I know. However, despite my love hate relationship with pretty much all things Adobe, I also know that it is the industry standard software for the serious designer; I hope to be a serious designer one day.  Because of this, I continue to try things out in the Adobe applications over and over.  Sometimes I can get the hang of it, but most of the time I can’t.  This time though….I honestly surprised myself because not only did I learn an amazing effect, I learned it in a program I’ve never used, AND managed to use what I already know to add what I learned to my crafty videos.  Check out the intro on my latest video boys and girls:

I created the intro and ending clips using Adobe After Effects CS4.  It’s pretty awesome don’t you think?  OK well, even if you don’t find it’s totally awesome, you might at least admit that my intro and ending video clips are certainly much flashier than most anything else in the craft world anyway right?  What, you still don’t agree?  Well…the good news is I only have to please myself and my Heavenly Father and I’m pretty sure He is just as excited over my accomplishment success as I am.  I mean why wouldn’t He be, I am after all, his daughter right???

This new After Effect intro and ending clip was just what I needed to boost my confidence enough to make videos a regular part of my blogging/crafty process.  So much so in fact, I’ve decided to start filming with higher resolution from now on too, even though it takes 10 times as long to upload.  Who knew one of the greatest lessons I’d ever learn on patience would be taught by my own computer…certainly  not this girl.

Now…off to make some more videos I think!!!!  Anyone have any special requests???

Cabin Fever Getting Cricky Style

Welcome to the Getting Cricky Monthly Blog Hop!!!

Getting Cricky Blog Hop

We’re so happy you could join us for this month’s Getting Cricky Design Team Blog Hop!!  Last month we did something special with our week-long promo event and we enjoyed it so much we decided to bring it back again this month.  The difference this time though, is that we all used an image card/cartridge or SVG set that either we have never used, or hadn’t used in at least three months.  It’s been so fun seeing what I could come up with from the Jen Allyson Designs SD Card from Craftwell, makers of Sir Purpleberry…aka my eCraft.   I hope you got a chance to check that out…if not, you might just miss out on seeing how versatile K Andrew Designs Art Stamps really are!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are so many things about Kristal’s stamps that I love.  They each benefit charity with at least $1 per stamp set going to the charity noted on the stamp set package. Currently those charities are: Cancer Angels, Storefront Shelter for Homeless Children, Intrepid & Fallen Heroes, E. Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Doorways Shelter for Women & Children (Domestic Violence), Wayside House for Women, Camp Good Days & Special Times, Adopt a Classroom, and Autism Research Institute.  Over time, this will add up to some wonderful miracles for these special people. Each time you purchase a K Andrew Designs art stamp set, someone around the country is receiving some good help!  Additionally, all these stamps are made and assembled here in the USA, which ensures all product materials are safe and that jobs are being provided and maintained here in America. Why not head over to K Andrew Designs and pick some up for yourself?

And now…on with the show.  You should have arrived here from Senior DT Member Amy’s blog Love To Crop.  If you’re just one of my stalkers readers and haven’t started this hop at the beginning, please head over to my beautiful and amazing friend Kristal’s blog Getting Cricky so you can start at the beginning.  You won’t want to miss the amazing prize she’s even giving away.  WOW…lemme just say this…I totally want it for myself.

Our theme this month Cabin Fever and the assignment was to make a kids project.  Even though I have four of them, I was totally at a loss until pretty much the last possible minute…then it hit me DUH!!!  We recently decided that we all spent too much time plugged into computers, tv, Xbox, mp3 players, etc and not enough time on the things that matter most in our family.  Things like FHE, Faith in God, Personal Progress, Scouts and scripture study and prayer.  What better thing to help my kids whittle away all this time they now have since they aren’t plugged in than with a scripture ring???  A what you ask?  Here, lemme show you:

Here’s a picture of the ring with the pages all fanned out:

I stamped every single sentiment from the Scripture Sayings Set and gave this particular ring to my son so he could have something little, fun, and easy to carry on him to help him memorize some scriptures.  At this point I honestly don’t care what scriptures are memorized, just that they start doing it and the Scripture Sayings set seemed like a perfect place to start.  I will be making one for each of my children to use as flash cards kind of to help them learn some well-loved scriptures.  Once they get those mastered, we’ll move onto some more (Kristal if you’re reading this I need some more scripture sets OK?!?!?).  After photographing this project, I took it out and handed to my son saying “here I made this for you to help you learn to memorize some scriptures.”  His reaction…”WOW really this is MINE, I get to keep it?  Thanks Mom this is so cool.”

What was even cooler is how easy it was to make.  I cut the top to one of the trees from the Jen Allyson Designs SD Card out at 4.5, 4 and 3.5 inches.  This shape is more or less round…not a perfect circle but effective nonetheless.  I layered some random orangeish (my son’s fave colors are gray and orange) patterned paper between a lighter color of orange and the gray the sentiments are stamped on.  Sentiments were stamped using Versafine Vintage Sepia ink.  After punching a hole in the top with my crop-a-dile, I threaded the circles onto a binder ring then decorated the ring with gray and orange ribbon.  He loves everything about it!!!  Hopefully he will learn the 18 scriptures the set contains.  My girls can’t wait to get theirs now either.  Here’s a peek at this stamp set:

Hopefully once I get the girls’ sets made, they will start quizzing each other.  Maybe I’ll offer a prize of some kind to the kid who memorizes the set first….hmmmmm.

Next up in this fun hop is one of my DT Besties, yep you guessed it…the INCREDIBLE Craftin’ Mama Ildi.  Be sure to hop on over and see what she has for you and you can even tell her I sent you!!!!

And, should you get lost along the way, here’s the entire line-up:

 1. Kristal

She made it all possible

*Cough, cough* (clearing throat to sing)  Happy birthday to her, happy birthday to her, happy birthday to my Mommy, happy birthday to her.  Without her, I could not exist right.  Only fitting then that today’s promo week project feature something to celebrate this occasion.  Mom’s favorite colors are peach and blue and I have made her a card for almost every occasion I give her a card for now for a few years.  This is her birthday card this year:

For this project I used the Mariposa stacks…solid and print both.  I welded a shape from Jen Allyson Designs in the eCraft Pro Software and cut it with my eCraft.  The edges were all inked with Spiced Marmalade Distress Ink from Tim Holtz and the patterned mat, scalloped and sentiment circle were all cut from the same SD Card.  I used the spirelli (sp) technique I learned from watching a Splitcoast Stampers video with my new “imitation” twine (it’s lily sugar n cream twists yarn).  The scalloped circle was hot glued to the card and the sentiment circle hot glued also.  The sentiments come from Pirate Tales and Fish Scales and Coffee and Tea for You and Me sets by K Andrew Designs.   Click the links to purchase yours!

I do hope you’ll join me again tomorrow for a fabulous and fun kids project for the monthly Getting Cricky blog hop.  Until then!

More Promo Week Projects

Happy Wednesday folks.  I was supposed to come back last night with an extra project since I was down and out on Monday, but alas I had a raging migraine and the only thing I could do was sleep.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, today I have two different projects for you.  Both of which of course were created with images from the Jen Allyson Designs SD Card from Craftwell.

I want to say the flower is made with image 32 in the Flower Top category, but I’m not entirely sure and don’t have the time to look it up right now.  I do know that I cut it at three inches for the pink and 1.5 inches for the white.  I used three layers of pink and hot glued each layer using my mini high temp glue gun…so glad I kept that thing man.  The white center was attached with a brad and the flower hot glued to the card.  My bow was tied using my hideously ugly bow board and the sentiment is from this set:

kad013: Crafty Friends Sentiments Large Sheet In Stock! - Click Image to Close

It is available for purchase by clicking here and is a must have set for those of you that like to send cards and projects to your fellow crafting friends.  Please note though, it can be used for many other things as well.  Kristal’s stamps are all very versatile.  In fact, I just saw someone use this set on a wedding page.  Talk about awesome.

Now…for project two/Monday’s makeup project I came up with this:

Again, the cuts from Jen Allyson Designs and the stamps from K Andrew Designs.  This particular card features the Owly Hoo Sentiments and Hoot Owl sets (clicking on the set title will take you to the ordering page).

kad019: Hoot Owl Image Stamps: LARGE sheet - Click Image to Closekad015: Owly Hoo Sentiments (Large Sheet) - Click Image to Close

And now…I must head back to my craft table to make more pretty stuff.  Check back tomorrow for another project and don’t miss the monthly hop on Friday!

Getting Cricky Promo Week

Once again the Getting Cricky DT is showcasing projects every day this week that feature the K Andrew Designs Stamps.  This will help  you get a good idea on just how flexible these stamps really are.  The challenge this time around (last time it was use the same set all week) is to use a cartridge you have never used or one you haven’t used in at least three months.  No, I didn’t break out my Cricut for this project…instead I chose to use an SD Card from Craftwell USA that I haven’t used in some time.  The image card is called Jen Allyson Designs and looks like this:

There are a lot of really great images on this SD Card, images I honestly had totally forgotten about.  The explosion box I made on Sunday features cuts from this SD Card as well.  Here’s what I have for you for right now:

Supplies Needed:
6 in square card base
Jen Allyson Designs SD Card
Positive Thoughts from K Andrew Desings
Pearls (flat backed and strung)
Adhesive (glue gun, foam dots and ATG)
Stickles (Crystal used here)
Ink  for sentiment (Versafine Imperial Purple used here)
Distress Ink (Tim Holtz Seedless Preserves)
Bling (random collection from my stash)

I had Sir Purplberry cut Image 9 in the frame category for me at 5.5 inches.  Next we moved onto the “cute things” category and cut the two pieces for the crown.  I’m not sure of their numbers off-hand I’m sorry.  These were cut at 4.5 inches.  After distressing the edges of Image 9 with distress ink, I took my glue gun and string of pearls and hot glued the pearls to the edge of the card.  Man…me and glue guns lately.  Last night was another glue gun fiasco…maybe I’ll blog about that later.  After I was done with that, I took the crown and applied flat backed pearls and glitter to spruce it up then set it aside to dry.

While the crown was drying, I added the sentiment “a Queen is not afraid to fail” from the Positive Thoughts stamp set shown below.  I then took two pearl swirls I had and placed them in the right corner, cutting off the end points and adding the bling instead.  I then used some more random pearls from my stash to create my own “swirls” or lines between the two to help fill up the negative space.  Once the crown dried, I adhered it offset a bit with foam dots.  All of this was placed on a 6 inch square card base.

kad002: Positive Thoughts Stamp Set now shipping - Click Image to Close

I wasn’t feeling too great the past couple of days and did nothing more than rest yesterday so I missed a preview project for yesterday.  Please check back later today as I showcase another card creation featuring a different K Andrew Designs Stamps stamp set and another image of the Jen Allyson Designs image card!

Wanna see what the rest of my amazing DT Sisters have come up with and what cartridges they’re using (I think I’m the only one who doesn’t use a Cricut)?  Please click here to check it out.  Don’t forget to visit Getting Cricky for details on the new DT Call as well as lots of other fun and exciting information…including the Tuesday Tutorial which I’ll post momentarily.

Here Comes the Bride – Getting Cricky Simple Sunday Challenge

It was bound to happen…a wedding challenge.  I suppose it’s only fitting because the prime “I do” season will soon be upon us, but since my definition of marriage requires a man and I’m kinda anti-men a little bit still, this challenge served to be a little bit tough.  Then it hit me…you can’t have a wedding without later having an anniversary right?  My baby brother will be celebrating his 4th anniversary in the next few months.  He married the love of his life and in every picture of him on that day he is not just grinning or smiling but CHEESING.  I mean twinkle in the eye ear to ear grin and the whole nine.   I made this for him and will fill it with some of my favorite pictures from that day.

This explosion box project features  I Heart YouIt’s Valentines and Owly Hoo stamp sets.  I saw an explosion box with a cake in the middle on the eCraft HSN launch and the person who created was kind enough to put a tutorial on her blog.  You can visit her blog Crafty Kayes Room or this tutorial for instructions.
This box is not complete because it needs the In The Family stamp set from K Andrew Designs so I can add a Happy Anniversary sentiment around the anniversary hearts on the inside.  This set was designed especially for me, I’ve been asking for a family set for some time…look, isn’t it perfect?
kad030: In the Family stamp set Preorder - Click Image to Close
As usual, there is a challenge going on over at Kristal’s blog.  Be sure to head over to Getting Cricky to find out details on how you could link up and win!  Also, be sure to come back tomorrow when our DT features another pre-hop week of projects using SVG’s, image cards, or cartridges we’ve either never used or haven’t used in at least three months then tune in Friday at 9pm EST for the monthly Getting Cricky Hop!  See you back here tomorrow!