The second white dress

Latter-day Saint women know all about their three white dresses.  Our first…if we’ve been raised in the gospel is our blessing gown, then comes our baptismal dress, and finally our wedding dress.  There is a lovely poem about the importance of these three dresses, it goes like this:

My mom bought me a white dress,
Not red or pink or blue.
She said it was a special dress
Like very other few,
There has been just one before,
A dress now put away,
That I wore some time ago
Upon my blessing day.
As a little baby clothed In my first white dress,
My dad held me in his arms,
There to name and bless.
So pure and clean was I just then,
With time to grow and learn
About the Father’s plan for me.
My glory I must earn.
Now I’ve reached the age to judge
The wrong road from the right,
And I am here to be baptized
In this dress of white.
So once again I’m free from sin.
The path is clear to me.
I’ll grasp the rod and hold on tight, I vow with certainty.
Just as mud would stain my dress,
Sin would stain my soul.
The key is to repent or bleach,
For whiteness is my goal.
And if I try my very best,
Then richly blessed I’ll be,
Wearing inside God’s holy house
White dress number three,
So today I make this pledge:
I’ll strive to choose the right,
Through this sacred baptism ordinance
In my second dress of white.

(Linda Gay Perry Nelson, 1993)

As a convert to the Church, I missed out on the first two white dresses.  I was married in a white dress, but not in the temple.  If there’s a next time, I will have the white dress that matters most…the one I wear when being sealed to a worth companion for all of time and eternity.

Recently, I was asked to speak at a baptism of a woman I had never met.  I have been assigned to be her Visiting Teacher and as such, wanted to make something special for her to congratulate her on her baptism.  Here’s what I came up with:

I searched the internet for a free SCAL dress file or SVG image and manipulated a few till I got a cut I liked.  This was cut using SCAL 3 and my eCraft.  Didn’t Sir Purpleberry do a great job????  The inside of this card features a sentiment from K Andrew Designs Scripture Sayings.  This set is available for purchase here and looks like this:

The inside of my card looks like this:

I thought the sentiment was perfect because if we choose to be obedient, as in following the example of Christ by entering into the waters of baptism, surely that puts God on our side right????  If He is with us…no weapon formed against us shall prosper, at least that’s what the scriptures tell us right???

The recipe for this project was easy.  One white sheet of cardstock,  I used a piece of gemstone paper from Core’dinations called moonstone.  The dress of your choice welded together in SCAL or something similar, eCraft, lace, pearls, wired ribbon, and my hideously ugly bow board.  Oh yeah…stamps and ink of course for the inside.  I am so pleased with how this card came out.  I hope I have the opportunity to make another one like this again soon!!!


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