HSN Launch Party eCraft style!


Equals a very sad me because I have no television service and will miss the HSN launch of my favorite electronic cutting machine EVER…the eCraft by Craftwell.  But…just because I can’t watch it, doesn’t mean all of you can’t!!!!  You will NOT want to miss this!  The eCraft by Craftwell has revolutionized the die cutting industry by offering matless cutting AND a paper tray.  In case you weren’t aware, that’s one of my favorite features about my eCraft.  I can pretend it’s a Ronco and “set it and forget it”.  It will continue to feed paper from the tray until it runs out or finishes up my desired cuts.  LOVE LOVE LOVE that…more than you can possibly know.

Tune in to HSN tomorrow at 1 am, 11 am, and 7pm EST for the eCraft spot!!! Keep your eyes open for some eCrafters projects that will appear on tv!  Who knows, they may even show off the eBosser too!


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