Cabin Fever Getting Cricky Style

Welcome to the Getting Cricky Monthly Blog Hop!!!

Getting Cricky Blog Hop

We’re so happy you could join us for this month’s Getting Cricky Design Team Blog Hop!!  Last month we did something special with our week-long promo event and we enjoyed it so much we decided to bring it back again this month.  The difference this time though, is that we all used an image card/cartridge or SVG set that either we have never used, or hadn’t used in at least three months.  It’s been so fun seeing what I could come up with from the Jen Allyson Designs SD Card from Craftwell, makers of Sir Purpleberry…aka my eCraft.   I hope you got a chance to check that out…if not, you might just miss out on seeing how versatile K Andrew Designs Art Stamps really are!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are so many things about Kristal’s stamps that I love.  They each benefit charity with at least $1 per stamp set going to the charity noted on the stamp set package. Currently those charities are: Cancer Angels, Storefront Shelter for Homeless Children, Intrepid & Fallen Heroes, E. Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Doorways Shelter for Women & Children (Domestic Violence), Wayside House for Women, Camp Good Days & Special Times, Adopt a Classroom, and Autism Research Institute.  Over time, this will add up to some wonderful miracles for these special people. Each time you purchase a K Andrew Designs art stamp set, someone around the country is receiving some good help!  Additionally, all these stamps are made and assembled here in the USA, which ensures all product materials are safe and that jobs are being provided and maintained here in America. Why not head over to K Andrew Designs and pick some up for yourself?

And now…on with the show.  You should have arrived here from Senior DT Member Amy’s blog Love To Crop.  If you’re just one of my stalkers readers and haven’t started this hop at the beginning, please head over to my beautiful and amazing friend Kristal’s blog Getting Cricky so you can start at the beginning.  You won’t want to miss the amazing prize she’s even giving away.  WOW…lemme just say this…I totally want it for myself.

Our theme this month Cabin Fever and the assignment was to make a kids project.  Even though I have four of them, I was totally at a loss until pretty much the last possible minute…then it hit me DUH!!!  We recently decided that we all spent too much time plugged into computers, tv, Xbox, mp3 players, etc and not enough time on the things that matter most in our family.  Things like FHE, Faith in God, Personal Progress, Scouts and scripture study and prayer.  What better thing to help my kids whittle away all this time they now have since they aren’t plugged in than with a scripture ring???  A what you ask?  Here, lemme show you:

Here’s a picture of the ring with the pages all fanned out:

I stamped every single sentiment from the Scripture Sayings Set and gave this particular ring to my son so he could have something little, fun, and easy to carry on him to help him memorize some scriptures.  At this point I honestly don’t care what scriptures are memorized, just that they start doing it and the Scripture Sayings set seemed like a perfect place to start.  I will be making one for each of my children to use as flash cards kind of to help them learn some well-loved scriptures.  Once they get those mastered, we’ll move onto some more (Kristal if you’re reading this I need some more scripture sets OK?!?!?).  After photographing this project, I took it out and handed to my son saying “here I made this for you to help you learn to memorize some scriptures.”  His reaction…”WOW really this is MINE, I get to keep it?  Thanks Mom this is so cool.”

What was even cooler is how easy it was to make.  I cut the top to one of the trees from the Jen Allyson Designs SD Card out at 4.5, 4 and 3.5 inches.  This shape is more or less round…not a perfect circle but effective nonetheless.  I layered some random orangeish (my son’s fave colors are gray and orange) patterned paper between a lighter color of orange and the gray the sentiments are stamped on.  Sentiments were stamped using Versafine Vintage Sepia ink.  After punching a hole in the top with my crop-a-dile, I threaded the circles onto a binder ring then decorated the ring with gray and orange ribbon.  He loves everything about it!!!  Hopefully he will learn the 18 scriptures the set contains.  My girls can’t wait to get theirs now either.  Here’s a peek at this stamp set:

Hopefully once I get the girls’ sets made, they will start quizzing each other.  Maybe I’ll offer a prize of some kind to the kid who memorizes the set first….hmmmmm.

Next up in this fun hop is one of my DT Besties, yep you guessed it…the INCREDIBLE Craftin’ Mama Ildi.  Be sure to hop on over and see what she has for you and you can even tell her I sent you!!!!

And, should you get lost along the way, here’s the entire line-up:

 1. Kristal


35 thoughts on “Cabin Fever Getting Cricky Style

  1. Faith i love this idea, i may have to steal it for when my daughter is alittle older and can read!! It is very cool how your son responded to it!! You are obviously doing a great job with your kids!!

  2. Oh goodness this is so so perfect for a school treat. My grand kids go to a private Christian school and I make 50 treats every now and again for the whole school and this is going to be one of these treats very soon!!! Thank you for this awesome idea!!!

    Precious Hugs

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