Intro to layers…sort of

I am soooooooooooooooooo excited about what I’ve been able to learn this weekend.   Lemme give you some background so you can be excited with me too!  I’ve taken a few video-editing classes in school and have always hated the process.  I don’t find the Adobe applications to be very user-friendly and I find that Movie Maker is a little too limiting given all the other design things I know. However, despite my love hate relationship with pretty much all things Adobe, I also know that it is the industry standard software for the serious designer; I hope to be a serious designer one day.  Because of this, I continue to try things out in the Adobe applications over and over.  Sometimes I can get the hang of it, but most of the time I can’t.  This time though….I honestly surprised myself because not only did I learn an amazing effect, I learned it in a program I’ve never used, AND managed to use what I already know to add what I learned to my crafty videos.  Check out the intro on my latest video boys and girls:

I created the intro and ending clips using Adobe After Effects CS4.  It’s pretty awesome don’t you think?  OK well, even if you don’t find it’s totally awesome, you might at least admit that my intro and ending video clips are certainly much flashier than most anything else in the craft world anyway right?  What, you still don’t agree?  Well…the good news is I only have to please myself and my Heavenly Father and I’m pretty sure He is just as excited over my accomplishment success as I am.  I mean why wouldn’t He be, I am after all, his daughter right???

This new After Effect intro and ending clip was just what I needed to boost my confidence enough to make videos a regular part of my blogging/crafty process.  So much so in fact, I’ve decided to start filming with higher resolution from now on too, even though it takes 10 times as long to upload.  Who knew one of the greatest lessons I’d ever learn on patience would be taught by my own computer…certainly  not this girl.

Now…off to make some more videos I think!!!!  Anyone have any special requests???


2 thoughts on “Intro to layers…sort of

  1. I think its fabulous! And I couldn’t agree with you more about Adobe products; I don’t understand why they’re not more intuitive and user friendly. I have CS5, but not After Effects 😦 Was that terribly difficult to learn?

  2. I Love it!!! where did you get the adobe application? Does it come free on the computer like movie maker?? Very cute doll too!!

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