Getting Cricky With it Surprise Hop

Public apologies for how late I am in getting this posted.  I was gone most of the day today and then this evening has been, in a word, hell.   I’ll be very glad when it’s over and I can try it again tomorrow.  At any rate, today the Design Team is bringing you some very special projects created for our wonderful and amazing leader Kristal! Our term is almost over and we wanted to show her just how much we appreciate ALL that she has done for us this term. The projects that we will be sharing with you will also be sent to Kristal. We encourage ALL of her fans to join in on the fun as well! Why not link up your own project for her up before you mail it off to her!

If you’ve hopped along from Shawn’s Crafty Chicks Blog  then you are in the right place!! If you are just joining me from your dashboard, or reading this via email, please be sure to visit RhoLynda, our Surprise Hop Coordinators’s blog Blossoming Butterfly Creations to start at the beginning.  The goal of this hop was to create a little something something to thank her for her all she does.  I was a naughty girl and did not use a K Andrew Designs stamp set for this project because what I wanted to say just couldn’t be expressed by any combination of stamps.  Kristal is not just my DT Leader, she is my friend and my inspiration and my life will never be the same because she has graced it.  She always encourages me to be better than I often think I’m capable of and I feel like we are more than co-workers/creators and more than friends.  We are soul-sisters for sure.  So my dear sweet Kristal, this one is for you:

The sentiment reads “Thank you for the difference you’ve made in my life.”  Kristal my dear, that difference is HUGE and I appreciate you!  Next up in this surprise hop is the marvelous Amy from Love To Crop.  And, if you get lost along the way, here’s the entire line-up:

1.      Kristal

2.      RhoLynda

3.      Charlotte

4.      Cheri

5.      Linda

6.      Amanda

7.      Debbie

8.      Vero

9.      Lisa

10.  Jennie

11.  Kristan

12.  Jamie

13.  Christel

14.  Jana

15.  Patti

16.  Heather

17.  Miranda

18.  Ildi

19.  Jessie

20.  JoAnn

21.  Letillia

22.  Larelyn

23.  Anita

24.  Laura

25. Sherry

26.  Shawn

27.  Faith

28.  Amy

Please be sure to visit K Andrew Designs to see some of the reasons we, the DT, love working with Kristal’s fabulous stamps.  The more I use them, the more uses I find for them and I’m sure you will too!  Until next time my friends.


8 thoughts on “Getting Cricky With it Surprise Hop

  1. Faith this is so pretty! I don’t think that Kristal will care that you didn’t use her stamps!! it is so sweet, hope you have a better day today!! Chin up and know that God is in control!!

  2. Faith, I hope things are getting better for you. You are in my prayers. i just love your card. The colors are wonderful and with those colors and that cute little owl…Kristal is going to jump with joy!!

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